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~ Electrical and Controls ~

The official DUCATI V-Twins Owners Workshop Manual refers to this control setup as simply "Clip-on type Handlebars".  These gauges are VEGLIA Borletti reading to 150 MPH.  They are most surely from a CAGIVA Allezurra.  The VEGLIA speed-o drive that I had was a 25/9 ratio (incorrect for these gauges, I needed a 20/10) so 45 mph cruising through the twisties showed me doing 95+!   With the supposed "correct" 20/10 drive installed, I still show a bit fast but I am within 8 mph now.


Several of the wire sections were toast on this bike.  A new wiring harness is available from Road & Race which runs between the Bosch transducer units and coils, including the transducer boots.  It is missing 2 ad'l wires needed that run from each transducer to the ignition generator stator buried inside the left side cover so I had to add them myself.  These wires are prone to disintegration due to heat from the exhaust so I wonder why they are not part of the otherwise superb package?  I also replaced the wires from this assembly down to the alternator pickups, slipping them in a vacuum hose for heat protection.

I relocated the starter relay from below the battery to up under the seat.  This hid it and opened up the area below the battery and behind the rear carb.  One of the things I like about DUCATI motorbikes is simply the motor.  I don't want it to be hidden in any way!

The foot controls are aluminum, the footpegs fold and the lever says "Cagiva".  I haven't a clue as to which bike they are actually designed for but they seem to look "right" on this bike so they will stay at least for now.  Because of the different than stock intake manifolds and carbs, the huge stock battery wouldn't fit.  I found this sealed and maintenance free WESTCO battery featuring 20Ah & 300+ CCA's that slid in to this limited space quite nicely.  It measures 6" x 6" x 3.75" compared to the stock 6" x 7" x 5".  Time will tell as to it's effectiveness and ability to stay charged but so far so good, no problems.

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