VRRA - Shannonville Raceway, Ontario - Canada - 6/22/03
Pix by: Steve Allen

I went up to the Shannonville Racetrack outside of Toronto, Ontario to check out the VRRA vintage races.  It was VERY hot and muggy, glad I didn't get to race it would have been miserable.  The track looks fun with lots of turns but it is flat as a lakebed.  I saw a bunch of Ducati single racers and one 900SS in street form.  Looked like fun, thought I'd share the pix so enjoy.
Dscn0328a Dscn0329a- Dscn0330a Dscn0331a Dscn0332a Dscn0333a
Dscn0328a.jpg Dscn0329a-.jpg Dscn0330a.jpg Dscn0331a.jpg Dscn0332a.jpg Dscn0333a.jpg
Dscn0334a Dscn0336a Dscn0339a Dscn0340a- Dscn0341a Dscn0342a
Dscn0334a.jpg Dscn0336a.jpg Dscn0339a.jpg Dscn0340a-.jpg Dscn0341a.jpg Dscn0342a.jpg
Dscn0343a Dscn0344a Dscn0345a Dscn0346a Dscn0347a Dscn0351a-
Dscn0343a.jpg Dscn0344a.jpg Dscn0345a.jpg Dscn0346a.jpg Dscn0347a.jpg Dscn0351a-.jpg
Dscn0354a Dscn0355a Dscn0356a Dscn0365a Dscn0367a Dscn0372a
Dscn0354a.jpg Dscn0355a.jpg Dscn0356a.jpg Dscn0365a.jpg Dscn0367a.jpg Dscn0372a.jpg
Dscn0375a Dscn0376a Dscn0378a Dscn0379a Dscn0380a Dscn0381a
Dscn0375a.jpg Dscn0376a.jpg Dscn0378a.jpg Dscn0379a.jpg Dscn0380a.jpg Dscn0381a.jpg
Dscn0382a Dscn0386a Dscn0387a Dscn0388a Dscn0390a Dscn0391a
Dscn0382a.jpg Dscn0386a.jpg Dscn0387a.jpg Dscn0388a.jpg Dscn0390a.jpg Dscn0391a.jpg
Dscn0393a Dscn0394a Dscn0395a Dscn0396a
Dscn0393a.jpg Dscn0394a.jpg Dscn0395a.jpg Dscn0396a.jpg