Ducati Official Press release - SPORTCLASSICS

paying homage to their heritage

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Only one sport bike manufacturer designs motorcycles that can make enthusiasts dream. Welcome to a new Ducati family of concept bikes - The SportClassic - motorcycles that capture the essential beauty, timeless style and emotion of the original Ducati sport bikes of the 1970's. Even though they reflect the best of the past, they incorporate the latest Ducati technology and engineering, creating a thoroughly modern motorcycle that lives up to today's standards of road-going performance.

Ducati sport bikes of the 1970's were typically long and low in stature, with fairings and tanks with curving lines that forced the eye to sweep from front to back and side to side. The shapes of the body combined with colors ranging from bold, monochromatic yellows and blacks to subtle silver, blue and green hues giving the bikes a sophisticated yet muscular look. The bikes made a powerful visual statement whether parked or in motion. Above all, these were essential, purposeful-looking motorcycles, harmonized by quality components.

Tubular frames wrapped the engines that were left proudly exposed for all to see, exploiting the beauty of their cooling fins and polished cases. Twin rear shocks and wire wheels with their radiating spokes laced to chrome or alloy rims were essential to the "look" of the period. Moreover, no bike was complete without long, elegant chrome silencers or black-painted, race-inspired exhaust systems.

Although classically inspired, these are modern Ducati motorcycles, so they must be powerful, handle confidently and be exciting to ride everyday.

The PaulSmart, GT and Sport are all powered by the advanced Desmo 1000 DS engine. The torquey air-cooled 90º L-Twin is the perfect match to power these sport bikes. Slim between the legs and exposed for all to see, the latest two valve Desmo system, fuel-injection, computer controlled engine management and Ducati Testastretta technology ensure that the 1000 DS engine is powerful, dependable and thrilling to ride.

Of course, the entire SportClassic range exploits the beauty of the signature Ducati tubular Trellis frames. The mitered and welded ALS 450 tubing gains its renowned strength and rigidity from complex triangulation and the integrity of quality material.

The entire family uses only the best suspension components. Fully adjustable and built with quality throughout, unique swingarms and suspension layouts ensure their look matches the classic appeal of the bikes, while still delivering the superior road holding and performance you expect from of Ducati.

With bikes that are as capable as the SportClassic, great brakes are fundamental. The high quality Brembo "Serie Oro" four piston calipers are used, gripping huge 320mm discs up front for strong and consistent stopping power. Performance is further enhanced with steel braided brake lines front and rear.

As you would expect from a motorcycle inspired by the original icons of Ducati sport motorcycles, every element and component is built with only the highest quality materials and engineered with performance as a priority.

Three classics, three dream machines:

Inspired by Paul Smart's 750 Imola Racer, the new Smart 1000 captures the verve of the original and fulfills the performance demands of today's sport rider.

A sport bike to be ridden everyday - with a balance of two-up comfort and Desmo Twin performance - the new GT 1000 combines heritage styling, quality components and modern road manners.

Bold "Café Racer" style in bright Ducati yellow paint. Timeless beauty with all the performance you expect from Ducati