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2004 - 749s & ST
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Ducati ST and 749S road tests

In Barcelona (Spain) from October 12th to 16th, 2003, Ducati will hold a series of road and track tests for the new Sport Touring and 749 Superbike lines. Both of these families feature significant improvements for 2004.

For four days these two bikes will undergo a series of tests aimed at displaying their extraordinary characteristics. Stay tuned to for test pictures and results.

Our Sport Touring motorcycles are characterized by high performance and top-notch handling on varied road-surfaces while at the same time offering all the comfort expected of a superb tourer. The ST3, ST4s and ST4sABS will take on 120 km of roads specifically chosen to test every aspect of bike performance, from ergonomics to practicality and safety.

The 749S, now available with a more powerful engine which brings you even closer to the unmatched performance of our world-beating track Testastretta, is a super-high performance medium cylinder Superbike, a true object of desire for enthusiasts everywhere. The 749S will be put through the paces on the Montmelò circuit in Catalunya, a track especially close to the hearts of Ducatisti everywhere following Ducati's first MotoGP victory there on June 15th.

Two ways to ride, two ways to own the best there is: the same passion behind them both… Ducati passion.

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Ducati Sport Touring

The classic European Gran Turismo tradition is the inspiration for the Ducati SportTouring family. These are motorcycles designed for competent, demanding riders looking for the quality and performance that only Ducati can provide they can also be just as satisfying in a relaxed extended touring experience.

The new Ducati ST series captures this design philosophy better than before by offering the rider a wide range of outstanding functional and aesthetic upgrades that make the Sport Touring family the most exciting and technologically advanced ever.

All three ST models for 2004 have been redesigned and re-engineered to increase performance, improve ergonomics. They offer advanced electronics and set a new benchmark for sporttouring motorcycles. The entire ST family now features a new advanced front fairing, improved seats, adjustable handlebars and controls, new electronics and instrumentation plus many other functional and aesthetic improvements. 2004 also introduces the new 992cc Desmotre engine, the heart of the newest member of the family-the ST3. Joining the ST3 are two 996cc Desmoquattro powered models-the ST4s and ST4s ABS.

The changes introduced in the new 2004 SportTouring models have made them even more versatile, comfortable and capable on the variety of roads and conditions that the sport tour rider encounters.

The front fairings and windscreens have been restyled and re-engineered to add a new aggressive look, and dramatically improve aerodynamics and rider wind protection. The new fairing is complemented by new turn indicators and a new advanced instrument panel.

The seat is an all-new design and features an advanced ergonomic shape, new material for padding and a forward thinking style. The new form of the seat compliments aggressive sport riding while still providing all-day touring comfort.

The handlebars are now height-adjustable, enabling the rider to select a position more appropriate for their size, or riding style. The handlebar clamps are mounted to the fork upper stanchions, and can moved up or down over a range of 20mm (3/4 inch).

The same instrument panel fitted to the Multistrada has been adopted in the ST series. This instrument panel represents state-of-the-art electrical system integration in one compact and elegant unit.

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Ducati 749S Testastretta

The 2004 749S introduces an all-new, high output Testastretta engine, with horsepower elevated to 110hp at 10,500 rpm. Excepting the limited production 749R, the 749S is the highest performance production middleweight Ducati Superbike ever.

The new 749S Testastretta engine has benefited from numerous advancements derived directly from the Ducati Corse racing machines. Complementing the new engine is some of our best suspension, brakes and running gear, for a bike that is exciting to ride, yet offers confidence and poise on the road.

Like the 999 models, the 749S benefits from all the same innovative engineering solutions and advancements introduced by our new Superbike. Vastly improved ergonomics, leading edge electronics, unique style and track tested components make the 749S the distinctive, quality and performance choice for intermediate and expert rider.

Ducati 749S is derived directly from the Ducati 999, and shares the same technological and ergonomic features and advancements: "maximum parts integration, and optimisation of all engineering and manufacturing processes".

The chassis utilizes the advanced double-sided swing arm and is complemented by the same quality components of the 999, delivering the well-balanced and proven performance of the that 999 is famous for. The electrical system uses CAN network technology, reducing weight and simplifying the electrical system.

All parts are carefully engineered to improve ergonomics allowing the perfect integration of man and machine. The exhaust system is of a unique design, maximizing available space while still ensuring peak performance.

The Testastretta 749S engine has received significant technical changes, which have increased its performance dramatically. These changes include: the crankshaft with its new tapered counterweights, the camshafts with a higher-performance profile, the intake valves with their increased diameter and the use of rocker arm design derived directly from the Superbike racing engines.

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