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2004 model Lineup


The gates are opening at the 71st edition of EICMA, the international motorcycle and bicycle show in Milan. The first motorcycle manufacturer to meet the press was Ducati, which presented its new line for 2004.

The entire world of Ducati is on display in an 800 square meter space at stand number 22. Ducati is set to welcome thousands of fans of this celebrated Italian motorcycle maker with its full range of bikes, accessories and apparel destined for stores and racetracks in 2004.

"The successes on the track (the MotoGP, the World Superbike title, along with the fantastic performances of the 999 in the Superstock championships), and enthusiastic reception given to our new products like the 999, the Multistrada and the Monster S4R, have helped us to react to difficult conditions," Minoli told the gathering of journalists at the show's opening. "An important event like the EICMA Show gives us the chance to interact with the trade and other members of our passion-fuelled community. The new models for 2004 represent a continued commitment by Ducati to anticipate the evolution of the market, a market which can count on our creativity and technical inventiveness, and on the great passion which has always made our products stand out."

There are many new offerings from Ducati. Each family has been upgraded to improve performance, comfort and style. The Sport Touring family is entirely new. The three models of this family have all been re-styled and functionally improved. In particular, there is a new entry, the ST3, powered by an all new three-valve per cylinder engine, making Ducati's entry touring bike even more comfortable and enjoyable to ride.

The Superbike family has also been enriched. Continuous improvements to the top-of-the-line family include the significant upgrade of the 749S Testastretta engine (upping the horse-power from 103 to 110), and the introduction of the 749R, born for the racetrack, developed in close collaboration with Ducati's racing department, and the most technologically advanced motorcycle in the current Ducati range. The Ducati 999, with updated performance and features for 2004, is the reigning World Superbike Champion in just its first year of competition.

The Monster family will also be on display, with the new Monster 620, which features a 6-speed engine. In addition, it boasts the new ATPC clutch, developed exclusively for Ducati, which drastically reduces the effort required to actuate the clutch lever, improving the performance and comfort of this Ducati classic.

In the wake of the huge success of the cult film "The Matrix Reloaded TM" - which features a Ducati 998 in an acclaimed and ground-breaking chase sequence - Ducati presented two limited edition "Matrix" bikes in collaboration with Warner Brothers: a Monster 620 and a 998, both painted in the evocative dark green graphics seen in the film.

New colours (a black Multistrada and 749), as well as the latest series of new accessories and apparel, complete Ducati's presentation of the 2004 line-up.

To see the Ducati Model Range for 2004 in even greater depth, including tech specs, sounds, video, and much more, visit www.ducati.com/bikes

Monster Family

The original "naked" motorcycle, the Ducati Monster created an overnight sensation when it was launched over a decade ago. Today, it defines the class more than ever. An essential street fighter -- with its fully exposed engine and bodywork -- the Monster delivers style and real sport bike performance. Individual and self-assured, it always makes a statement.


The 620 is the perfect entry to the Monster family. Easy to maintain, it is the lightest and easiest handling Ducati. The motorcycle of choice for the official Ducati riding courses, the 620 offers a low seat height, a new slipper clutch for seamless shifting, a new, colour-matched front fairing, newly designed mirrors for increased visibility, and a comfortable, upright riding position.

This year's Monster 620 is the only motorcycle in the world to feature the revolutionary Power Torque Clutch system. PTC makes gear shifting a breeze and ensures minimal rear wheel patter, so you can safely and seamlessly go from comfortable city to more aggressive sports rides. And now, with 6 gears to get your revs from, the 620 guarantees real-world acceleration, responsiveness and fun no matter where your ride takes you.

With two versions available: the 620 Dark with single or double front brake discs, and the 620, there's a model for every budget and ability. All are available with power limited to the European standard of 25 KW.


The Monster 800 -- lots of torque, horsepower and road going savvy -- gets you going in style. 800 ccs of fuel-injected fun combined with a Ducati Superbike trellis frame means a perfect balance between power and handling.

The 800 has powerful twin Brembo "Serie Oro" brake calipers and discs up front and an information packed electronic instrument panel. Standard equipment includes an advanced anti-theft immobilizer system activated by an ignition key transponder that has a unique code for each Monster owner.

Customize your Monster with the help of the Ducati Performance catalog featuring optional parts and accessories that reflect your individual character, style and performance standards.


Our most powerful, air-cooled Monster gets its strength from a 992 cc, air-cooled, Dual Spark engine that achieves new levels of efficiency and reliability. Ducati has years of experience with air-cooled technology and the innovative 1000 DS engine is a product of our continuous advancement in the field. And with its classic Monster styling, the 1000 is as impressive standing still as it is in motion.

Beyond all the technical details, the most important feature of the Monster 1000S is the riding experience it offers. Twist the throttle to explore the highest torque and horsepower ever delivered by the beautiful Ducati Desmodue air-cooled engine.


The S4R is the top of the range Monster - the most powerful, highest-performance Monster ever. It all starts with the 996 cc Superbike engine and lightweight Superbike-derived trellis frame to ensure the perfect combination of power and handling. A Showa fully-adjustable front fork with low friction TiN treatment and a fully-adjustable Showa rear shock handle suspension duties.

The exclusive Ducati Superbike rising rate, ride height adjustable rear suspension system includes a new single-sided aluminum swingarm. An extraordinarily beautiful "two into one into two" exhaust has been designed for the S4R. With both silencers positioned high and on the right side of the bike, the system has an aggressive and powerful new look.

113 horsepower combined with the S4R's lightweight of 193 kg/425 lbs results in an inspiring power-to-weight ratio. Twisting the throttle of the S4R is thrilling. A close ratio gearbox just adds to the excitement.

Multistrada Family

The Multistrada 1000 DS is a new generation sport bike that delivers Superbike performance without compromise. Whether your journey takes you up twisty mountain roads, to busy city centers or on your daily commute, the Multistrada excels wherever there is asphalt. Delivering performance without sacrificing practicality, versatility without compromising road-manners and advanced design without forfeiting function, the Multistrada 1000 DS is a real-world motorcycle for real-world riders.


The Multistrada 1000 DS is a complete sport motorcycle for enthusiasts who ride as often and in as many challenging conditions as possible. Its riding position is more upright than the classic "forward-lean" ergonomics of most sport bikes without compromising performance.

As a result, the Multistrada carves up mountain passes like a race bike, but is still comfortable for hours of two-up adventure touring. This perfect balance appeals to a wide range of riding styles, from the most aggressive to more relaxed. Capable of showing up even the most specialized of sport bikes, the Multistrada is also accessible to new riders. The bike exceeds the expectations of any enthusiast who rides it.

The Multistrada's outstanding performance is the result of more than innovative design. Its 992 cc dual spark engine and the use of the highest quality Superbike components throughout also are key. The Multistrada 1000 DS combines: the signature Ducati trellis frame, our best Superbike suspension with more travel, race-bred brakes and lightweight alloy wheels with high-performance street tyres. It has a lightweight, aluminum, single-sided swingarm and a compact and narrow fairing to provide protection from the elements. A full line of accessories -- like color-matched saddlebags, rear rack, satellite navigation system and taller windscreen -- lets you further extend your boundaries.

Sport Turing Family

The classic European Gran Turismo tradition is the inspiration for the Ducati Sport Touring family. Beautifully designed with potent power plants, Ducati Sport Touring motorcycles bring performance and superior handling to the touring experience. The entire 2004 ST range has been significantly restyled to improve rider comfort and give the family a new aggressive look. The entire family now features a redesigned front fairing and new more powerful light, which is now adjustable from the instrument panel.


The ST3 sports a powerful, all new, Desmo L-twin engine. Matched with its Superbike derived trellis frame, adjustable suspension, comfortable two-up riding position and optional colour-matched luggage, the ST3 is at ease on both twisty mountain roads and cross-country motorways.

Intelligently designed with high quality components throughout -- Showa forks, adjustable brake and clutch levers, CAN line electronics and a forward thinking instrument panel -- the ST3 is an innovative and extremely versatile bike never short on muscle. It is the ideal choice for all your touring adventures.

Rider ergonomics have been greatly improved in the ST family. An all-new seat has been created adding comfort and reducing rider and passenger "slip" when braking. Innovative height adjustable handlebars matched with "reach" adjustable clutch and brake levers allow you to find perfect riding comfort no matter your size or riding style.


The ST4S bristles with our best race-derived components combined with all-day riding comfort. Start with the awesome Superbike 996 cc Desmoquattro engine, liquid-cooling, computer-controlled fuel-injection, 11,5:1 compression, 50 mm throttle bodies and a six-speed transmission. Include the latest Showa forks, exclusive Öhlins rear shock and CAN line electronics. The result is a bike that excels on the street and the racetrack.

The ST4S offers fully-adjustable Showa upside-down 43 mm forks with TiN treatment, as seen on the most exotic race bikes, lowering suspension friction to ensure accurate and responsive action. And for quick "situation tuning", the Öhlins rear shock features a remote spring pre-load adjustment system that allows you to easily adapt the rear spring to load weight. So whether riding solo or two-up with saddlebags full or empty, you are promised a smooth ride.


The ST4S ABS bristles with our best race-derived components combined with all-day riding comfort. Start with the awesome Superbike 996 cc Desmoquattro engine, liquid-cooling, computer-controlled fuel-injection, 11,5:1 compression, 50 mm throttle bodies and a six-speed transmission. Include the latest Showa forks, exclusive Öhlins rear shock and CAN line electronics. The result is a bike that excels on the street and the racetrack.

The ST4S ABS offers fully-adjustable Showa upside-down 43 mm forks with TiN treatment, as seen on the most exotic race bikes, lowering suspension friction to ensure accurate and responsive action. And for quick "situation tuning", the Öhlins rear shock features a remote spring pre-load adjustment system that allows you to easily adapt the rear spring to load weight. So whether riding solo or two-up with saddlebags full or empty, you are promised a smooth ride.

The new, evolved ABS system is the jewel in the crown of this model. At the core of the Ducati ABS system is an advanced electronic processor that senses wheel slip and assists in preventing tire lock-up in emergency and low traction situations. The Ducati ABS system has been tuned for more aggressive riding to compliment the performance capabilities of the ST4S. The system can be switched-off when the rider elects to explore the performance of non-ABS braking.

Super Sport Family

After more than three decades of design development, the Ducati Supersport is considered a modern motorcycling icon with a reputation for great handling, lightweight, smooth power delivery and versatility. With its 2004 range, the Ducati Supersport family carries the heritage proudly into the future while adhering to and improving the time-tested formula of the original.


The 800 is the exciting entry to the family. Easy to handle, but high in performance, it sports a fuel-injected Desmo engine and trellis frame to ensure thrilling performance, low fuel consumption and confidence inspiring Ducati handling. Powered by the classic, air-cooled, fuel-injected, Desmo L-twin engine with a six-speed gearbox, the Supersport 800 delivers exciting performance from idle to redline.

The air-cooled engine expresses the essential practical and pragmatic Ducati philosophy and has significant design and application advantages.

The Supersport 800's powerful engine and overall lightweight are complimented by exciting components and running gear. Marzocchi 43 mm upside-down forks and a fully-adjustable progressive Sachs rear shock deliver precise and stable handling on every ride.

Confidence-inspiring and built with quality throughout, the Supersport is a great way to enter the world of Ducati sport motorcycles.

1000 DS

The King of the class, the Supersport 1000 boasts a 992 cc Dual Spark engine and state-of-the-art suspension components making it the most advanced Supersport ever made. Its signature Ducati trellis frame and 992 cc Dual Spark engine guarantee confidence-inspiring stability and torque-filled power.

Suspension is provided by a fully-adjustable, lightweight, 43 mm, Showa front fork and exclusive Öhlins fully-adjustable rear shock. This unique feature permits ride height adjustment without changing spring preload, allowing the rider to tailor handling characteristics to variable conditions and riding style. Superior Brembo front and rear brakes assure potent and progressive stopping power.

Superbike Family

The Ducati 749 Testastretta and 999 Testastretta are the most advanced, highest performance, twin-cylinder motorcycles ever produced at our Bologna, Italy factory. They epitomize the racing history of Ducati and represent the evolution of a formula that has dominated Superbike racing for over a decade. In just its first year of competition, the stunning Ducati 999 has claimed victory in the World Superbike Manufacturer's and Rider's Championships.


With the introduction of the revolutionary Ducati 749 Testastretta, the Ducati mid-size Superbike family continues to evolve with technical innovation and cutting-edge design. A perfect entry model to the Ducati Superbike family, the World Superbike dominating Testastretta engine technology has been applied to the 749. Ducati's race-inspired, tubular trellis frame is matched with fully-adjustable suspension both front and rear that result in confidence-inspiring and precise road holding.

The 749 Testastretta is an advanced, high-performance, mid-weight, twin-cylinder engine that represents a milestone in the history of Ducati Superbike engine technology. Completely new cylinder heads result in improved torque and extremely fluid power delivery. With its short-stroke design and further innovations that extend to the very heart of the motor, the 749 is never short on power, producing 103 HP at 10000 rpm. The 749 comes in two versions: regular and the new 749 Dark, which is also the more economical alternative.


The 749S Testastretta is the one of the highest performance middleweight Superbike Ducati has ever built, establishing a new approach and vision of the interaction between man, machine and the elements

The bike features a fully-adjustable suspension system. An upside-down 43 mm Showa front fork with low friction TiN treatment and fully-adjustable Showa rear shock hug the road under changing conditions and a steering damper is standard equipment.

The 749S introduces an all-new, high-output Testastretta engine, with horsepower elevated to 110 HP at 10500 rpm. By applying the knowledge gained on the racetrack, Ducati engineers have created our highest performance middleweight Superbike ever. The newly designed crankshaft, a new lighter and advanced Desmo timing system and more extreme cam profiles, combine to make the 749S one the most potent, middleweight, Superbike ever.


The Ducati 999 Superbike seems to be in motion even when at rest. And a look under its fairing confirms the 999's state-of-the art technology. Our goal was to create a Ducati Superbike of stunning design that improves rider ergonomics, makes maintenance easier, reduces complexity of the motorcycle and offers performance second to none. The aerodynamics, mechanical and electronic components, chassis and running gear were developed first and styling followed.

The 999 Testastretta engine, developed on the racetrack, has a short stroke which lowers the average speed of the piston resulting in a higher rpm redline, maximum performance, and improved reliability. The linear and tractable power delivery of the Testastretta engine is a result of its balance between horsepower (124 HP @ 9500 rpm) and torque (102 Nm @ 8000 rpm).

But its record speaks for itself. In just it's first year of competition, the Ducati 999 has dominated its rivals in the World Superbike Competition, capturing both the Manufacturer's and Rider's titles.


Built around the Testastretta engine, today's most advanced twin cylinder, the 999S possesses the form of a pure sports bike: low, long, and narrow with exciting componentry and a mechanical/technical look. With 136 HP, the 999S combines incredible performance with a linear and tractable power delivery so you are "on the gas sooner" and shift less.

Ducati's experience gained over years of successful racing at the highest levels is evident in the design and technical characteristics of the 999S. Its fully-adjustable Öhlins, 43 mm, upside-down fork with low friction TiN treatment and Öhlins rear shock offer an unparalleled Superbike suspension system. An adjustable Öhlins steering damper comes as standard equipment.

The layout of the bike "loads" the front end appropriately for optimum handling without putting excessive weight on the rider's wrists. Furthermore, the 999S strikes a balance between stability and cornering position. It features radial front brake and clutch master cylinders with integrated reservoirs. Their compact design integrates with the fairing allowing an increased steering angle at slower speeds.


For those focused directly on competition, the 749R is the ideal solution. It is a perfect racing machine, with a Testastretta series engine and chassis specifically developed to ensure top competitiveness on the racetrack. The considerable use of special materials, from magnesium to carbon fiber to titanium, make this motorcycle extra-light and extremely effective.

Every 749R is "signed" with a numbered silver plate on the steering head, which adds yet another exclusive touch to one of the most original bikes on the current worldwide motorcycling scene. The front suspension is also very high quality: an entirely new Ohlins upside-down fork with tubing 43 millimeters in diameter, with titanium nitride treatment for smoother sliding. In addition to being fully adjustable, the fork has a special foot to allow radial fastening of the brake calipers.

The twin-cylinder of the Testastretta series was also developed to encourage the racing use of the 749R. The 116 HP at 10,500 rpm, and 8.16 kgm at 8,500 rpm are the result of a long process that begins with shortening the stroke and increasing the bore. The new slipper clutch, which has been specifically developed for racing use, stops the rear wheel locking up under extreme braking conditions typical of track riding. Also made of titanium are the connecting rods, while the head covers are made of magnesium and the belt covers are carbon fiber, equipped with forced ventilation to aid in cooling.


This is the link between standard production bikes and the racing world. With the best that technology can offer, it stands out thanks to even more advanced technical solutions, starting with a high performance big bore/short stroke Testastretta engine, producing even higher RPM limits and 139 Hp. The carbon fibre is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing and the exclusive nature of the motorcycle is reinforced by the limited edition numbered plate affixed to the fork yoke.

The rear shock absorber and fork are by Ohlins, adjustable for pre-load, plus rebound and compression damping. The 43 millimetre diameter fork stanchions have undergone a titanium-nitride treatment for improved suspension response and the special front fork lowers allow the mounting of the radial callipers. The Brembo Marchesini wheels are made from an aluminium alloy that is forged in a process that is the same as used for the production of racing wheels, creating a wheel of higher torsional rigidity and lower weight.

The Testastretta engine fitted in the 999R chassis is especially designed for track use and makes 139 HP at 10,000 RPM with 11 kgm of torque at 8,000 RPM. The 999R is delivered to the customer complete with a kit for track use only. It includes a Termignoni 102 Db exhaust, with horizontal rear half-manifold without catalytic converter and a dedicated electronic control unit, which reduces weight by three kilos (6.6 lbs.) while improving performance.


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