1974 Ducati 750 GT

Steve got a new Roundcase - this one a '74 750GT.  She's a beauty with new paint, new seat cover and a few other bits.  She will be needing some things done and will get my attention soon enough...  First thing is to rebuild the carbs and brakes, attend to the overly stiff [even for a bevel!] clutch and replace some misc rubber bits here and there plus whatever else I find once work begins.  Overall a pretty nicely maintained but well used GT - should be a fun bike to ride once I get the time cleared to attend to her needs.

DSCN4441 DSCN4440 DSCN4453 DSCN4450 DSCN4449
DSCN4439 DSCN4445 DSCN4451 DSCN4446 dscn4448
DSCN4436 DSCN4442 DSCN4454 DSCN4437 DSCN4444
 DSCN4447  DSCN4452  DSCN4438  DSCN4443  DSCN4455
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