John White's Racebike
Owner: Mike Hall

I just took the ducati off the trailer.
Still has 22 years worth of crud on it ~ Mike Hall

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Hi Steve, this is my 1st ducati!! I do have other italian bikes though 73 guzzi v7 sport and 77 850 lemans. I also collect fiats. Yep i,m sick. Anyway frame #751370 Motor #751786 motor has spring heads. I took the bike so Ralph Poole could look at it. He thinks the gas tank, rear fender and back brake is true 74 750 super sport parts. Bike has a wide frame. Bike title says it,s a 73 750 ss. But I think it,s a Gt. I know the bike was Jonathan Whites and have emails from him saying so. All his emails seem very brief but I think he may be sore he did not get the bike back. I also know the bike was 4th in 1977 super bike at Pocono John long rode it. I have a 77 november Cycle magazine with the race report in it said John Long rode like a mad man and he was honking the horn at all the lapped riders. Magazine aslo said he was riding Jonathan Whites DUCATI. Cool stuff.I have no info about how Jonathan White did racing it. Then the bike sold to John Dodge I know he raced it in several classes including battle of the twins. He said he had 2 number 1 plates with the bike but I don,t know what class.
Mike Hall

[…] Now after full inspection. I sanded paint off the frame! Just to be sure I had the right numbers this time. The MOTOR is 751786 DM750 The FRAME is 751370 The numbers just don,t quite fit in on your list. What do you think? After all it,s a race bike. Either one or the other could have been destroyed or the bike could have been made up from parts in the first place. But on the other hand I noticed motor numbers and frame numbers seem to jump around on the list anyway. I was told you posted to the ducati list about my bike. Anything tasty come out of this? I have tried to get on the list several times but it never works right.

[…]A co-worker found this bike for me. He was at a winery tasting wine at a vacation resort. Got to talking bike to a local guy. He had a ducati race bike he wanted to sell. My buddy wrote down the number (thank God) And this is the bike. The guy I bought the bike from lived on a island. We got the bike across on the fairy. This is the bike John Long rode to 4th place in the 1977 Pocono superbike race. The race report is in Cycle mag. Nov.77 I now have that magazine. Said in there John Long was riding Jonathan White,s bike and he rode like a madman honking horn at lapped riders. My bike frame #751370 motor #751786 I have enclosed 4 photo,s. The bike sat for 22 years before I found it. It does run. I rode it up and down the road a few times. Slowly, 22 year old goodyear slicks!
Mike Hall  Morral Ohio

After getting this info and some pix, I asked the Bevel Community for any info on this bike or the riders.  If you want to add anything, please do so.  Notes I have rec’d regarding this bike thus far…….

****AFAK Jonathan White is still working at Domiracer in Cinci.

****White.. long time race duc guy and current proprieter at Domi Racer in Cinci.. helped write the haynes manual on twins and is still actively racing in AHRMA...nearly untouchable in the 250 GP class on a Duc.. 

****Long.. decent AMA racer in the era.. late 70's to early 80's...dunno where he is now.

****Dodge.. eccentric fellow that had the bike and didn't do much with it... sold the bike to present owner

Are you seeking info for a particular interest or in effort to enlighten my friend Mike that owns the bike now..?? I know/believe he has a copy of the cycle mag issue now. Though interesting. I am not sure there is much more to tell about the bike...though...It's a cool old bike indeed.... another case of a GT being converted. ...but the wider the search. the more that may surface..    Rich

****John Dodge raced a SS and was, I believe, A.M.A. national amateur champion class 5 G.P. This was about 1980-81. John once told me that White built the bike and that the frame had been modified. I could never see the difference.

****John Long I believe still lives in south Florida and I have seen his name in the race results at Daytona (vintage), Homestead and Moroso tracks. Might own a high end bike shop. Has at least one son, Barrett, that campaigns the A.M.A. 250 G.P. class.

I have a nice 8x10 picture of John Dodge wheelieing ( ? ) the SS off the start line at Road Atlanta.      .....Den.....

If you have anything to add, please shoot me an email.  We would like to find out as much about this bike and it's history as possible, thanks - Steve A.

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