Laguna Seca World Superbike Fun
Ducati Island, Laguna Seca - 2004

Click on the small photos below for larger images.  Up top are just a few teaser photos from the event.  Under the story below, there are 5 major photo galleries containing more than 250 photos in all which you can view by clicking each gallery intro photo.
Inside the museo
Racers Doug Polen & Frank Scurria
Harley guy & Matt's old school chopper
13 Choppers display
4 greenframes inside the museo
Inside the museo
Inside the museo
Click Images for larger photos Dscn2721
Greg Peterson & his winning Pantah
Duffy, Frank, Steve, Larry

For the 3rd year running, Steve Allen organized a museo on the island for Ducati North America.  DNA and sponsored the event.  The Bevelheads and The Pantaheads provided most of the 39 bikes this year and DNA gave us a huge 30' x 60' tent to display them in.  The Ducati Museo was THE hit of the island!  I think Ducati had THE nicest display of any manufacturer at the racetrack once again.  Good Job!

I have posted more than 250 photos of the week's activities, all separated out into 5 categories, please click on the larger photos below to view them.  The previous years were good, but this year, the quality of the bikes along with the fact that I managed to find such a broad cross section of models made this an epic gathering of vintage Ducati bikes.  I doubt that there are too many places around the world showcasing the Italian Iron on display here....

Thank you Eng Fabio Taglioni for designing and building these bikes.

Many thanks to Ducati North America for providing the venue & sponsorship for our museo, especially Michael Lock, John Porter, Sarah Bagosian, Kristina Snyder, Danny Carson, Kristi Blanchard & Michael Paratore.  They stepped up HUGE this year and also provided 4 OLD TIMER leather jackets to our class winners in the vintage concorso!

Frank Scurria - Click here to read his bio and see more race photosHUGE kudos to Mr Frank Scurria, who hung around all weekend, sharing stories about racing Ducati bikes back in the 60s etc.  What a true gentleman this man is.  The racebike below in the "Concorso" photo is actually the last Ducati he ever raced, Franco Farne won Sebring on this little 350cc bike, and it is still being raced today, with a top speed of over 130 mph!!!  It is the first grand prix bike Ducati built, serial #001.  Thanks Frank, you are a gem - EVERYONE enjoyed your presence on the island!

But I couldn't have done it without the owners of the bikes getting them here for everyone to enjoy.....  For that I wish to thank; Peter Bonner, Larry Feece, Ted Henry, Kurt Weir, Brian Larrabure, Jo Wimmer, John Goldman, George Betzhold, Brad Turner, Peter Richardson, Gil Garcia, Keith Hale, Hans Mellberg, Tod Rafferty, Tim Keys, Vaughn Andrako, Tim O'Mahony, Darrell Nealon, Steve Allen, Greg Nealon, David Puente, Greg Peterson, Robert Carr, Brian Damkroger, Gary Patton, Greg Reuter, Tom Pillsbury & Steve Emery.....  Did I miss anyone?  Please advise.  These guys came from all over California as well as Washington, Oregon, New Mexico and Ontario Canada!

 Click on each photo below to go to that photo gallery.....  Enjoy! 

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Ducati Island Concorso Gallery - click HERE -
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Ducati Island Museo Gallery
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Clcik here to see alot of photos taken around Ducati Island throught the weekend
Ducati Island Happenings Gallery
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Clcik here to see some photos taken on Cannary Row downtown Monterey, CA
Cannery Row Gallery
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Click here to see some photos taken during the Ducati DOC/Dealer dinner
Ducati/DOC Dinner Gallery
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Here is the list of what was there [that I can remember].  We also had several folks just show up with their bikes, who may not be listed below.

Brio Scooter
1955 Acero Ducati Stationary Motor
1963 350 Factory Racebike [Farne won Sebring on this bike]
1964 250 Scrambler
1964 250 Mach 1
1966 250 Scrambler
1971 350 SSS Street Scrambler
1972 750 GT
1972 750 Paul Smart Replica [exact duplicate of Paul's Imola bike]
1972 750 Sport [orig Z stripe w/factory ferring]
1973 750 Sport
1974 450 Desmo [disk brake model]
1974 750 GT
1974 750 Sport
1974 750 Sport
1974 750 Super Sport
1974 750 Super Sport
1974 750 Super Sport
1974 750 Super Sport
1974 750 Super Sport [fully restored - Motor Only]
1975 750 GT
1975 750 Sport
1975 860 GT
1977 900 Darmah
1977 900 Super Sport
1978 900 SD Darmah
1978 900 Super Sport
1978 SSD Darmah "NCR Replica"
1979 900 Super Sport
1980 900 Super Sport
1981 900 SD Darmah
1981 Mike Hailwood Replica
1983 650 Pantah
1985 Mike Hailwood Replica Mille
1986 750 F1
1987 750 F1
1991 851 ala 888
1991 851 Superbike Stada
1997 916 SE [1 of 1]

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