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A lot of things went on throughout the weekend.  Here are some misc photos that don't really belong in any of the galleries, but nonetheless deserved to be posted!  Click on the small thumbnails to get at larger images.  Enjoy.
IMG_0217 IMG_0218_2 <<  Frank Scurria gets in on the action and signs a fans, er, shirt.
Photo: Debra Sanderson

Paul Smart [1972 Imola race winner] and wife Maggie [Barry Sheen's sister] were on hand throughout the weekend.  These 2 folks are just about the nicest people I have met - they have known Frank for a long time and listening to the 3 of them carry on was a lot of fun.  Maggie is actually the person whom we all should thank as it was she who got the call from Ducati in 1972 for Paul to race and as he was off racing somewhere, signed him up!  As you all know, Paul reluctantly flew over to Italy to race an un proven and brand new Ducati bevel drive twin and with not more than a few practice laps started the race.  He came in first, Bruno Spaggiari came in second.  This 1-2 punch put DUCATI on the map in the moto world and gave Ducati the bump start it needed to get to where it is today.  THANK YOU MAGGIE!  And well, Thank you Paul! 

IMG_9654 IMG_9655  IMG_9672 IMG_9674 IMG_9675

 >>  Bevel Heaven shop owner and Ducati Museo organizer Steve Allen gets in on a conversation with Rossi and the "Ducati Hotties" from the new series SUPERBIKES.  The show segment with MotoGP footage and other Moto related happenings is due to air on Speedvision mid August.  Who knows if anything recorded gets aired, but it was fun anyways.  As you can tell, Steve was suffering the whole time......   It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

IMG_9677 IMG_9678
IMG_9680 IMG_9682 IMG_9683 IMG_9684 IMG_9685
My long time racing buddy and past teammate Paul Nielsen with is [extremely] better half Heather.  >> IMG_9714 Ex Ducati Racers Paul Ritter and Frank Scurria enjoying the Museo.  Paul beat Cook Neilson as well as all other comers at Sears Point in 1977.  He was a force to be contended with on the AMA race circuit.  It was good to see him here this weekend!  >>

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IMG_9746 IMG_9748 IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9755
 Above:  Steve Allen and his wife Efthalia enjoying Saturday night down on Cannery Row, Monterey with about 11ty billion other race fans.  Hey where did you get that shirt Steve?  Hmmmm?      ;)

 Paul Nielsen has a Podcast called "The MotoWorld" which is growing in popularity like crazy.  In the next few weeks, you can listen to interviews with Frank Scurria, Paul Smart, Steve Allen and all sorts of other folks along with some other interesting things that went on during MotoGP weekend.  Give it a listen will ya?

 Paul Neilson's Motorcycle Podcast.......  Check it out!
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