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Ducati Racing Heritage Museo
Below is a list of the bikes I gathered up for display in the Ducati Museo.  Many thanks go out to Brian Dietz, Larry Feece, Keith Hale, Gary Patton, Brian Larrabure, Gary Newton, Munro Motors, Tom Tasso and Craig Mclean for bringing these bikes out into the sun for us all to enjoy!

* 175 formula 3 - 1 of 6 still around out of 50 built [new restoration]
* 175 formula 3 - 1 of 6 still around out of 50 built [Phil Schilling restored this bike in the 70's - Ian Falloon says it is the most highly photographed DUCATI in existance]
* 350 Formula 3 [Franco farne' Sebring winning bike]
* 600 TT2 Pantah - Harris frame, Steve Wynne built this bike immediately after his rider [Mike The Bike Hailwood] won the Isle of Mann TT at his shop SPORTS MOTORCYCLES
* 750 SS Greenframe [raced by Keith Hale in the 70's]
* 750 Sport [numerous Daytona finishes, raced by Larry Feece]
* 75 900 SS [raced by Paul Ritter & John Williams]
* 750 F1 [raced by Gary Patton in the 80's]
* 750 TT1 - factory fresh!
* 750 TT2 [raced by John Williams, Fred Eickler and John Kocinski]
* 851 Tri-Colour full factory kitted superbike one of the first 25 produced
* 888 Corsa - Doug Polen won the AMA Championship on this bike in 1993
* 888 Corsa - Andreas Meklau won a WSB race in 1992 on this bike.
* 888 Corsa - Luccinelli Replica built by the Ducati race department in 1989, 1 of 20.
* 996 Corsa - Carl Fogarty won the WSB Championship on this bike in 1998
* 1000 cc Mono Mille - Harris framed wonder bike.
* 2001 748S Pro Thunder #1 superbike as raced in 2001
* 2005 749R Superbike - courtesy Munroe Motors, last years racer....
* Supermono - Craig McLean raced this at the IOM-TT 1997 and 1998
* MotoGP bike - Capirossi's #65 Desmosedici MotoGP bike will be there!

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