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Legend of the Motorcycle 2008  ~  Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California
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For immediate release. San Francisco – 5 May 2008 – The third annual Legend of the Motorcycle Concours d’Elegance, the world-class event exclusively for motorcycles, enjoyed its third year with enormous acclaim, a star-studded attendance and an incomparable roster of entries.

In attendance at the Saturday, May 3rd event were approximately 6,000 participants and attendees from five continents, admiring nearly 300 of some of the best motorcycles in the world and raising thousands of dollars for charity.

The featured marques were MV Agusta and Norton, with a historic and astounding gathering of the legendary Italian bike and one of the most significant assemblies of competition and pedigree Nortons in the world. From an 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmueller Replica brought from Germany, to the only Merkel “U” board track racer known to exist, to the Airstream chopper built and unveiled by Jesse James, to Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha GP racer and Kenny Robert’s Proton, every facet of motorcycle sport and culture was represented.

Giacomo Agostini, the greatest Grand Prix racer of all time, came from Italy with his family to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, which was conferred by World Champion Phil Read who came over from England for the occasion.

Actors and motorcyclists Jason Lee and Giovanni Ribisi conferred the Elvis Award sponsored by Lucky Brand Jeans, Chad McQueen presented the Steve McQueen Award in honor of his father, and actor and biker Michael Madsen presented the Best of Show Award, sponsored by Dainese, to a hundred year-old Indian Torpedo Tank Racer in its original unrestored condition.

A private pre-Concours ride with World Champions Agostini and Read and senior executives from MV Agusta and other motorcycle manufacturers kicked-off in Los Angeles with a private tour of Jay Leno’s garage before arriving in Half Moon Bay.

Icons of custom bike building Jesse James, Paul Cox and Billy Lane unveiled new creations to the applauding and cheering throngs of enthusiasts and press, as did Japanese sensation Shinya Kimura. MV Agusta unveiled for North America its F4 RR 312 1078 model, and Dainese unveiled its collection of legendary and historic racing suits as well as their collaborative prototype helmet with Agostini.

Following the afternoon award ceremony, Bonhams & Butterfields conducted a sale of 100 motorcycles including everything from pre-war motor bicycles to modern land rockets. Then, later that evening, a special fundraising dinner hosted the likes of Agostini, Read, Wayne Rainey, Mert Lawwill and Malcolm Smith.

From racers to builders, executives to owners, enthusiasts to the curious, Legend of the Motorcycle brought together a unique combination of people for a weekend world event celebrating over a century of the two-wheeled machine.

Official photos and quotes are available to the press by contacting [email protected]

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FMF_0563 FMF_0564 FMF_0565 FMF_0566 FMF_0567
Jesse James
[West Coast Choppers]
FMF_0569 FMF_0570 FMF_0571 FMF_0572
FMF_0573 FMF_0574 FMF_0575 FMF_0576 FMF_0577
FMF_0578 FMF_0579 FMF_0580 FMF_0581 FMF_0582
FMF_0583 FMF_0584 FMF_0585 FMF_0586 FMF_0587
Alain DeCantenet
FMF_0588 FMF_0589 FMF_0590 FMF_0591 FMF_0592
FMF_0593 FMF_0594 FMF_0595 FMF_0596 FMF_0597
FMF_0598 FMF_0599 FMF_0600 FMF_0601 FMF_0602
FMF_0604 FMF_0605 FMF_0606 FMF_0607 FMF_0610
FMF_0611 FMF_0615
Giacomo Agostini
Eraldo Ferracci
FMF_0617 FMF_0618
FMF_0621 FMF_0623 FMF_0624 FMF_0625 FMF_0626
FMF_0628 FMF_0629 FMF_0630 FMF_0631 FMF_0632
FMF_0633 FMF_0634 FMF_0635 FMF_0636 FMF_0637
FMF_0639 FMF_0640 FMF_0641 FMF_0642 FMF_0643
FMF_0644 FMF_0645 FMF_0646 FMF_0647 FMF_0648
FMF_0649 FMF_0650 FMF_0651 FMF_0652 FMF_0653
FMF_0654 FMF_0657 FMF_0658 FMF_0659 FMF_0660
FMF_0661 FMF_0662 FMF_0663 FMF_0664 FMF_0665
FMF_0667 FMF_0669 FMF_0670 FMF_0671 FMF_0672
FMF_0673 FMF_0674 FMF_0675 FMF_0679
Ago's helmet sold
for $5000 !
FMF_0682 FMF_0683 FMF_0684 FMF_0685 FMF_0686
FMF_0689 FMF_0691 FMF_0693 FMF_0694 FMF_0695
Ron Woods
[Woods Rotax]
FMF_0697 FMF_0698 FMF_0699 FMF_0701 FMF_0702
FMF_0703 FMF_0704 FMF_0705 FMF_0706 FMF_0707
FMF_0708 FMF_0709 FMF_0710 FMF_0711 FMF_0712
FMF_0713 FMF_0714 FMF_0715 FMF_0716 FMF_0717
FMF_0718 FMF_0719 FMF_0720 FMF_0721 FMF_0722
FMF_0723 FMF_0724 FMF_0725 FMF_0726 FMF_0727
FMF_0728 FMF_0729 FMF_0730 FMF_0731 FMF_0732
FMF_0733 FMF_0734 FMF_0735 FMF_0736 FMF_0737
FMF_0738 FMF_0739 FMF_0740 FMF_0741 FMF_0742
FMF_0743 FMF_0745 FMF_0746 FMF_0747 FMF_0748
FMF_0749 FMF_0750 FMF_0751 FMF_0752 FMF_0757
Jonathan White
& Jonathan White
FMF_0767 FMF_0772
Jonathan White
FMF_0776 FMF_0777
FMF_0778 FMF_0779 FMF_0780 FMF_0781 FMF_0782
FMF_0784 FMF_0786
Mert Lawwill
& Wayne Rainey
The dude from
My Name Is Earl
FMF_0793 FMF_0795

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