Ducati Day 2003 @ La Honda / DSCN1468

pix by: Steve Allen

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Just thought I'd drop you a line on my bike.  It's a 72 750S I bought in Paris when I lived there in '78. It was in a classic car dealer's, in pretty poor but running shape. I rode it in Paris as my commuter bike for many years, then rode it in classic races in Europe, culminating in two 3rd championship places in the French Classic series in 91 and 93.

I decommissioned it in 94, completely redid it for road use, and shipped it back here with all my stuff in 96 when I moved back to California.

Steve Wynne and John Witt-Mann built or rebuilt the engine at various times. It has a second drilled disc and lighter Lockheed calipers. It has desmo heads, Omega pistons and 41.5 mm Malossi carbs. I had a special racing gearbox, but went back to the stocker to have a kickstart for the road. I love this bike.

More info on my website: www.hg-racing.com 

Regards, Richard Haas [email protected]