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BIKE:  July 1977 - "Getting Better All The Time"
Desmo: 2012/13 (Ducati Owner Club GB) - "Ducati Madness" by Zed Zawada, 30 pages
Moto-Euro: Fall 2006 - "Concours D'Elegance - Ducati Island" 2006 Best Of Show, 2 pages
Two Wheels: March 1980 - "Killer Wheels".  What's the story with SPEEDLINES anyways?? 6 pages
USDesmo: Summer 2006 - Mini Moto 888.  One mans tribute to Ducati by Mike Porter, 1 page
Desmoto: 2005:  Corsa out of hibernation?  Restored and ridden 450 racer story. By Grant Fuller and Russ Murray, 1 page
Motorrad: April 1975 - Test; "Renn-Replica" Ducati 750 Super Sport Desmo.  German article, 7 pages
Australian Motorcycle Trader: June 2003 - "Delicious Duck" Ian Falloon's personal 750 Sport.  By: Ian Falloon, 3 pages
Motorcycle Racer: March 2002 Issue #36 - "Yesterday Once More" Paul Smart's Imola winning Ducati.  By Alan Cathcart, 9 pages
Fast Classics: Volume 1 #10 - "Spaggiari Bolognese" The staff gets to test the Bruno Spaggiari bike.  5 pages
Australian Motorcycle News April 11, 2003 - "The Mighty Apollo" by:  Alan Cathcart, 10 pages
Italian Motorcycles Issue #3 - "Blakey's Bike and the Mountain" Kenny Blake's one off 860SS.  6 pages
Unknown Australian Magazine: December 1987 - "Big Noters" The author tests a couple Italian race bikes.  6 pages
Classic Bike: July 2001 - "Peter's Power House" Women find it hard competing with such gorgeous machines.  By David Walsh, 4 pages
Classic Bike: December 2000 - "Italian Beauty" V-twin couture from the house of Ducati.  By Jim Stanley, 5 pages
Classic Bike Magazine: August 2003 - "Desmo Dynamite" The definitive guide to the Ducati Super Sport. By: Mick Walker, 12 pages
ItalianBike Magazine: March/April 2003 - "Ahead of Their Time" Article about The bevelheads By: Tod Rafferty, 5 pages
Kevin's Bevel Drive Article: The Ducati Bevel Drive Engine: "My experiences in building a 'competitive racebike' in the early 1980�s" By Kevin Bracken

Bike Magazine: May 1983 - "The man who made it all happen" Article about Steve Wynne By: Dave Calderwood, 5 pages

AMASuperbike.com: 1998 - "Who Was The Man Many Call The Greatest Roadracer Ever?" Mike Hailwood: A Remembrance by dean adams (1998)
SAE # 700122: 1970 - "Research & Development of High Speed, High Performance, Small Displacement Honda Engines" an article about combustion chamber efficiency and design By: Shizuo Yagi, Akira Ishizuya and Isao Fujii, Honda R&D, 14 pages

Motorcyclist Magazine: June 1974 - "Savage Tamed" Comments on the 1974 750 Super Sport "Greenframe" By: Bob Greene, 2 pages

Two Wheels: May 1976 - "Superior Hybrid 'Vin-Duke' - A British Legend Framed by an Italian!", 4 pages
Street Bike: 197? - "Is it true what they say about the DUCATI DESMO" A look at a 750SS, great pix and text, By: Jeff Peck, 8 pages
2 Wheels: May 1976 - "Ducati's Feted Four" News regarding the Ducati / Berliner project called the Apollo, 2 pages
New Tracks From Italy - Ducati's 1973 Desmo Racer By Bruno dePrato, 5 pages
2 Wheels: December 1976 - "Ducati - The Basis of a Balanced Racer", Article about Peter Molloy's quest for speed and horsepower, 4 pages
Revs Motorcycle News: Dec 15 - Jan 4, 1979 - "NCR DUCATI - The Legend Extended" By: Jim Scaysbrook, Article about riding the NCR, 2 pages

Motorrad: September 1983 "Zu guter Letzt" Road test of a 900SS MHR By: Horst Veiselmann, 4 pages

Old Bike Journal: April 1994 - "Rolf's Wrecking Machine" Article about a 1979 Darmah "special", 5 pages

Bike Magazine: October 1981 - "European Giant Test" Road test through France of 3 bikes: Ducati 900SS, BMW R100CS & Moto Guzzi Le Mans By: Brecon Quaddy, 11 pages

Bike Magazine: May 1982 - "Battle of the Twins" Various Ducatis at Daytona in 1982 By: Alan Cathcart, 7 pages

Bike Magazine: April 1980 - "Duplicati" Road test of a 1980 MHR, By: Dave Calderwood, 7 pages

Classic Bike Magazine: Dec/Jan 1981 - "Bruno's Desmo Test Bed" Test ride of Bruno Spaggiari's 1968/9 works 350cc Desmo By: Alan Cathcart, 4 pages

Classic Mechanics: Spring 1984 - "Ducati Cam-Drive Gear" Setting up bevel drives for Ducati singles By: Royce Creasey, 4 pages

MCI Road Test Annual Magazine - 1975 - "Ducati Desmo 750" Road test of a 1975 750 SS By: Dave Minton, 5 pages

MCI Road Test Annual Magazine 1975 - "Ducati Desmo Singles" Road test of 250, 350 & 450 desmo singles, written by Dave Minton, 4 pages

Which Bike? Magazine: December 1977 - "V Twins without Vices" Road test of the 900 SD Darmah By: Jerry Clayton, 6 pages

Classic Bike Magazine: Autumn 1984 - "Ducati Big End Replacement" Ducati big ends for 450 and twins By: Royce Creasey. 4 pages

Superbike Magazine: July 1981 - "Zenyatta DUCATI" Road test for the 1981 900 SS, By: Mike Scott. 3 pages

Bike Magazine: March 1985 - "The Fall & Rise & Fall of the Ducati V4" Comparison of the Apollo and the prototype F1 based V4 engine By: Alan Cathcart. 4 pages

Motorcycle Enthusiast Magazine: Jan/Feb 1987 - "The Grand Old Duke Of Spain", Test ride of Bruno Kneubuhler's restored 1973 Imola 200 bike, By: Alan Cathcart. 5 pages

Superbike Magazine: September 1985 - "Big Shock For Ducati" Road test of Sports Motorcycles' Monomille single shock conversion, By: Alan Cathcart, 4 pages

Classic Bike Guide: August 1996 - "The Nature Of The Beast". Show winning 900 SS, By: Dave Minton, 6 pages & a poster

Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine: 1996 - "Teenage Temptation" 900 Super Stock review and specs etc. By: Roland Brown, 5 pages

Superbike Magazine: September 1984 - Scoop!  Ducati Mille (roadtest), By:  Alan Cathcart 4 pages

Cafe Classics Magazine: 1979 - "Ducati Desmo Twins", By: Mick Walker.  "In my opinion machines from that first batch of 750SSs were the most beautiful of all V-twins" 4 pages

Bike Magazine: March 1985 - "Express Delivery", By: Roland Brown. Road test of a 900 Super Sport. 4 pages

Superbike Magazine: June 1979 - Pre-MHR "replica" from a London bike shop. 2 pages

Classic Bike Magazine: June 1986 - "Bloody 'L!" Road test of a 1972 750 GT By: Alan Seeley. 6 pages

Motorcycle Enthusiast: May 1987 - "Ducati Darmah SS" By Rasemary Swindells. Owning a 900 SSD (Super Sport Desmo Darmah) 4 pages

The Classic Motor Cyclist: March 1999 - "Latin Quarter" Featuring a 1964 Mach 1, 4 pages

Bike Magazine: March 1985 - "Duke Truth" Life with a 900 SS.... By: Chris Scott, 2 pages
Superbike Magazine: February 1985 - "Italian Stallions" Comparison / road test of a 1981 Le Mans III and a 1979 900 SS, 7 pages

Superbike Magazine: June 1981 - "Duke of Earl" Review of a reader's 750 GT By: Tony Middlehurst, 2 pages

Unknown Magazine: - "Ducati Fork Strip" By: Bert Furness, 2 pages

Classic Racer: May 1985 - "Baby of the Family" 500cc Ducati Bicilindrica
By Alan Cathcart, 7 pages

Fast Classics: Vol. 1 Issue 10, Aug/Sept 1995 - "Prancing Force" How about a new Ferrari motorcycle? By Ian Cramp, 7 pages

24 Hr race at Montjuich, Barcelona

What could happen if you have
too much room in your garage....

Ducati V4 article (translation)

An article from the Netherlands regarding the Seeley framed 500cc race bike
by Mick Woollett

Article translation on this page

The 750cc prototype

An article from the Netherlands regarding the Seeley framed 750cc race bike

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