1980 SSD Darmah ~ 17,080 original miles
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listed 1/19/05 ~ sold 1/23/05

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The bike above I am offering for sale.  I have a clear title and have put a "Non-Op" registration with the California DMV on the bike.  This bike will be sold with a legal "bill of sale" and signed pink slip currently in my name.  The new owner can simply go to the DMV for your area and do a simple transfer of title and pay the normal required transfer fees to get it registered for road use.  I have the  California plate for your new stickers once you transfer title etc.  

There will be no outstanding or hidden fees involved when you go to the DMV - just simple transfer fees [$56 in California] as all documents are current and in order [how rare is that?].

This is a 1980 model with 11/79 as a build date stamped on the headstock.  The bike has sat since 1993 in a garage in Southern California and shows 17,080 original miles on the odometer.  This is 1 of 100 SSD Darmahs imported into the United States out of 1440 produced by Ducati - it is somewhat of a rare breed.

The following list shows things I would consider repairing, fixing or replacing before riding the bike

  • tires - x2 replace

  • brakes - They work but I would consider R&R seals in calipers x3 and master cylinders x2, install SS line kits front and rear.

  • carbs will need cleanout even though they look clean + probably:  seal kits x2, fuel screens x2, needle valves x2, acc pump dia x2. won't know what else for sure until I take them apart

  • oil & filter change

  • fuel lines need replacement and in-line filters added

  • fork seals & fluid R&R / maybe wipers

  • lube all cables - check and replace as req'd, most likely all good unless rusty internally

  • lube steering head bearings, swing arm, chain

  • check all electrical connectors - I unplug ALL plugs, clean add dielectric grease, look for any bad wires etc and make sure ground is good.

  • check all fasteners throughout bike.

  • check wires from pickups - most likely will need replacement - they seem to ALWAYS do on original bevel drive bikes!!!

  • battery & battery strap both items missing.

  • fuel taps- remove, clean and rebuild with new seals

*NOTE*  I may start going through this bike [carbs/brakes etc] soon and as things get crossed off the list above, the sales price I will need to get will obviously need to go up.  Getting this bike now will be the cheapest versus after I have gone through it.

I am confident that the bike will start right up after sitting for more than 10 years as the previous owner drained everything before storage, like the other bikes I have that are for sale which have all started up first couple of kicks or first turnovers from the starter.

It has the original PHF32s which are covered with aluminum foil as you can see in the photos and the original Silentium mufflers.  There are no air filters on the carbs and the side covers and one grip is missing.  The seat has a small tear in the front corner.  Paint is very good on the tank and seat but the ferring has some pretty good sized chips as you can see.  I think this ferring is from a different bike, it looks so much more worn out and faded compared to the rest of the bike... The ferring has been attached with incorrect front clips so it sits about an inch too far back - I think the clips are from a 900ss or something else....  The front and rear CEV turn signals are missing but the rear stalks are there.  The original Balanti Roberto windscreen has a crack.  This is a late model Darmah so the big end has the good bearings and this of course has the BOSCH electronic ignition.

Overall this bike is a very clean, unmolested and mostly complete original example of a Darmah with the factory lead seal intact.

The bike is available for pickup directly from me.   If shipping is required, you can arrange for your shipper to come to me and pick it up.  You can also hire me to take it to www.ForwardAir.com at SFO, put it in one of their rental motorcycle crates and hand it over for them to ship to you for $250 additional.  You will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred which includes paying the $50 crate rental fee and buying 4 new ratchet style tie-downs as per their requirement. 

I would consider offers for the bike based on the following:

  • The bike "as-is" or,

  • The bike "as-is" including a box of some or all of the needed parts from the list above included with the bike [make a list!]

  • The bike with all of or some of the above known problems repaired [make a list of what you would like fixed before taking possession of this bike with your offer]

This bike is located in Pleasant Hill, California postal code 94523.  If you look at a map, it is about 5 mins from where highway 24 and 680 converge in Walnut Creek, which is 35 mins east of San Francisco.

If this bike interests you, please contact Steve Allen at Bevel Heaven to set an appointment to view the bike or to discuss terms.

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