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750 GT  ~  For Sale ~ $16,800
74 GTj IMG_4914j IMG_4916j IMG_4920j IMG_4921j
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Here is a completely original 1974 Ducati 750GT. This GT had sat in a Colorado warehouse since 1975, until 3 years ago, when it went up for auction. Has not been ridden since 1975, and shows 2,353 miles on its original OD.

It has all the little ‘hard to find’ original bits on it. Like the Aprilia switches, original air filters & air hoses, US handlebars, Chrome headlight, dash/gauges, Tommaselli throttle (w/the little black adjustment screw cover), etc. Does not have any turn indicators, appears to never have had them.

Cleaned a good portion of its timegrim off, before taking these photos. Realize that I probably should have left it there, to help prove how long it had sat. Since my acquisition of it, this GT has been kept undercover in a heated room.

Ducati ‘roundcases’ in all original shape, with low mileage, like this, are getting harder and harder to find. Due to this, their prices are now starting to soar.

Originally bought it, just to place it alongside a few other bikes. Never intended on turning it into a rider. Which could be done quite easily.  It kicks through well, with excellent compression. Appearance wise, she looks ready to go.

This year I have decided to thin out my flock of bikes. Starting with the ones that I do not intend to ride. This will be one of them.

The GT does have a few blemishes: 1 – Tank shows a bit of ware along it’s upper bends, apparently from a satchel that it’s owner strapped to it. 2 – Brake fluid has taken some paint off its left fork slider. 3 – The throttles rubber handgrip has split, and has been wrapped with electrical tape. 4 – It’s Aprilia Headlight switch, is getting a touch of surface rust on it.

This bike went for $16,000 at auction. That figure did not include the 10% auction fee, or the shipping on it.  

Offered at $16,800                 SOLD                    

Thank you,

Richard  978-443-3668, [email protected]

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