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1978 black and gold 900 super sport
listed september, sold october 2009


For sale SOLD SOLD SOLD is my 1978 Ducati 900ss. This bike has been a labor of love for me. It is a ground up restoration of a low mileage bike with every part either refurbished or replaced with NOS. a partial list of what was done is as follows:

1. Complete engine rebuild by Guy Martin. Guy is one of the best in the world working on bevel twins. The engine work alone was 8500.00. The motor has 3500 miles on it since this was done. Guy did the full boat on the motor including special crank treatment, MBP collets, head work, etc.

2. Paint work done by Rich Labrechts. Rich is also tops in the restoration business and his work is featured in many collections and museums.

3.      Fork rebuild with new fork tubes by Bevel Heaven

4.      Rebuilt carbs, also by Bevel Heaven

5.      NOS wiring harness.

6.      FPS 4 bolt wheels. Original Speedlines included.

7.      Calipers and master cylinders rebuilt.

8.      New chain (high dollar x ring) and sprockets.

9.      Frame has been powder coated.

1  Two exhaust systems come with the bike original Contis shown (they look good from a few feet away, but are not perfect) and a two into one Conti system.

11 New swing arm bushes.

Items that are not stock, but added to increase reliability include:

1.      Blade style fuse block original included and no new holes drilled to mount the replacement.

2.      Ignition relay (Matchbox brand unit which is very slick) to take the load off the original switch gear.

3.      Later (1979 or 1980) NOS left hand headlight/turn signal control which is a Nippon Denso unit and much more reliable then the early part.

4.      Braided steel brake lines.

5.      LED dash lights

6.      Stainless fasteners throughout

The bike was built as a rider and does so wonderfully. Paintwork is still very nice even though it was done several years ago. There is a small area around the gas cap where the paint has lifted do to the new fuel, but is not noticeable when the cap is closed. In short, this was a no expense spared restoration that I never intended to sell, but sometimes life throws you curve balls, so it needs a new home.

Asking 24,500.00    SOLD SOLD SOLD     Please contact Ken at 01.314.583.5690 or eMail [email protected]

Shipping available door to door w/in lower 48 states for ~ $603 through Bevel Heaven

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