1975 860 GT ~  For Sale SOLD
evenings: 925 461 8462,   work: 408 525 7643
John Ellis [email protected]   asking $3500  obo
listed 5/10/05

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I have a 1975 860 GT that I would like to sell.

I have owned the bike for 25 years although it has been stored since 1987. I have got it going again and it runs fine although some carburetor adjustment may be needed. (just cleaned the carbs and changed the oil twice)

The bike has current CALIFORNIA registration (I live in Pleasanton). The bike has around 12km on the clock and I believe that to be close to accurate. I changed the original rear tire with about 10km showing, it still has the original front. The side panels and air cleaners are not fitted (I always used K&N) but I still have them plus there is a few parts and two manuals (one is a factory manual in Italian and English).

The engine has definitely never been stripped.

There is some surface rust on the headlamp and rims, but otherwise it has good original paint.

The registration took a little longer than I expected. I rode the bike from my home to the CHP to get the numbers verified, then to the DMV to finalize the process.  It was last registered in Canada.

The bike ran ok, the gearbox is sweet, no vibration (the mirrors actually clear) but the carbs are still off, and the throttle is stiff so its a bit of a handful. I needed to keep the revs up to prevent stalling and the clutch felt a little fierce, but from memory it always was and just takes a little getting used to. I haven't ridden the thing for so long.  Pulls well pretty of power, and goes round corners as though its on rails. The frame is definitely straight.

When I got back from the CHP I notice the front fork oil seal had gone. I have new replacement seals that are included in the spares.

When I originally purchased the bike I changed the gearing (to give a higher gear). I have the original sprockets.

The original front tire has cracks and needs replacing. The back one looks ok

All the gas pipes also need to be replaced.

I fitted new mufflers just after I took it off the road in 1987.

The other thing that I can think of is the front throttle control. The cover over the plate that holds the cable in is missing (was when I bought the bike)

There is a limited amount of spares that come with the bike mainly oil filters. Check out the photos above.

evenings 925 461 8462
work 408 525 7643

John Ellis [email protected]