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Bultaco Metralla - For Sale
posted 11/6 - sold 11/10/2008

This Bultaco started life in 1965 as a model 8 Metralla 200. It was used as a racer through the late sixties and was traded into a dealer for a newer bike in the early seventies. The second owner purchased the bike from the dealer, Motorcycles Unlimited in Corte Madera Ca., He liked it because of itís sporting abilities and the look of the kit America tank. He loved to ride fast on the curvy coastal roads where he lived. He also loved to tinker and paid lots of attention to details. 

It was soon apparent to him that he needed more power and he acquired the 75 Pursang model 135, 250cc motor that now powers the bike. This was a bit of an undertaking and required new engine mounts. The motor was rebuilt and detailed. The frame was modified for the motor and some brackets were removed, moved and added. The frame and bodywork received the current paint. He soon developed Tinnitus and could not ride his labor of love, as the noise would irritate his condition.

The bike sat in his seaside studio being thoroughly polished and detailed until I purchased the bike in 2004. I spent a good 40 hours getting the bike ready for its first ride of 20 years. The tank was sealed with Caswel tank sealer. I added new petcocks, fuel line and rebuilt the carb. The engine seals and outer gaskets were replaced along with a new Japanese primary chain. Both oils were added. The top end was taken off and found to be in good order. I also rebuilt the forks with new seals and oil, new brake shoes, drive chain and tires, slightly used Avon Race take offs. The seat was also re-padded and covered, the muffler was repacked and a rubber pipe mount was added.

This bike fires up and runs great. It is a little loud, but earplugs are cheap. I have since put high bars on for more comfort and replaced some of the cables with modern Teflon lined pieces. I rode this bike on a 250 mile day trip in 2006 and found it capable and fun but it has not seen more than 50 miles since. It is not a garage queen, has some detail issues but generally in very nice presentable shape.

Clear Ca title and currently registered

Original engine cases and new Kit Metralla rear sets included           SOLD      

$5500,  John Burkhard [415]717-4615       eMail [email protected]

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