1980 SD Darmah Project Bike For Sale
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The project bike above is for sale ~

Included in the deal is a 1-time purchase coupon for anything in my store at a 15% discount [multiple items OK].

I have a clear title and a "Non-Op" registration with the California DMV in my name on the bike. 

This bike will be sold with a legal "bill of sale" and a pink slip signed by me.  The new owner will be able to go to the DMV for your area and do a simple transfer of title and pay the normal required transfer fees to get it registered for road use.  I have the California plate for your new stickers once you transfer title etc.

There will be no outstanding or hidden fees involved when you go to the DMV - just simple transfer fees [$62 +/- in California] as all documents are current and in order [how rare is that?].

This bike is to be sold "AS-IS, WHERE IS" with absolutely NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  I have absolutely NO IDEA if the bike can easily be made to run - I will not try to get it running for you, I don't have time to deal with this bike which is why I am selling it.

What I know about this bike:

This is a 1980 model SD900 Darmah with 6/79 as a build date stamped on the headstock, engine #903971 & frame #950172.  The bike was last registered in 2003 and sat outside in the condition you see it in for most of 2004 until I picked it up.  All the boxes of parts and bodywork were stored inside a garage, covered etc.  It has been inside my shop since.  It shows 9,448 miles on the odometer.  I was told that the previous owner had paid to have the engine rebuilt but then fell behind on payment to the point that the shop obtained ownership.  The engine has been rebuilt and the mechanic who did the work [walnut creek BMW/Kawasaki] tells me he didn;t shim the tranny right and it bench shifts fine but once the motor was warmed up the thing would become difficult to shift.  He had begun taking it apart again when the lack of funds etc forced a shutdown of the project which is why the bike is semi taken apart.  Bottom line, the engine is freshly rebuild but needs to come back apart and have all tranny clearances checked and adjusted. The bike has the original Marzocchi forks and Marzocchi piggyback shocks along with Silentium mufflers.  Yes those are SPEEDLINE magnesium wheels.

In 1980 only 470 Darmahs were produced with only 80 coming into the USA.

You can plainly see there that this bike is somewhat taken apart.  It is also obvious that this bike has sat outside for a year, uncovered.  It appears to be complete though, so it would make a good project and is priced accordingly.  I don't have time to do this bike amd have other more pressing needs so this one must go.

The bike is offered as a project bike in need of a go-through or complete restoration.

The bike is available for pickup directly from me.   If shipping is required, you can arrange for your shipper to come to me and pick it all up.  You can also use my shipper to get the bike TO YOUR DOOR for $537 above the price of the bike.  You will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred either way.  If my shipper is used, you will also pay to ship various parts via USPS as my shipper only ships bikes, not boxes.  I will install the engine into the frame and bodywork, but carbs and exhaust etc will ship separate most likely.

This bike is located in Pleasant Hill, California postal code 94523.  If you look at a map, it is about 5 mins from where highway 24 and 680 converge in Walnut Creek, which is 35 mins east of San Francisco.

If this bike interests you, please contact Steve Allen at Bevel Heaven to set an appointment to view the bike or to discuss terms.

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