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Benelli Bol D Or SEI 900  ~  no longer for sale ~
posted 2/01/2022
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 BENELLI MOC Bol D Or 900 Sei R900/77

No Longer For Sale
Asking Price: 95.000 Euro

First Registration: 1977

 Frame Number: R900/77/23

 KW (HP) ccm: 63(85)890 ccm

General Information:

Just 9 months before the start of the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Philippe Moch and his team have started to get a unique racing machine to the start. The order was given to him by Motobecane and Benelli as the factory team. The elaborate project was accompanied by engineers from the Formula 1 scene at the time. Our 23 was piloted by Raphael de Montremy and Denis Boulom. In the past years, there have been several articles about our R900/77 in European trade magazines. With our photo series we can present the sophisticated construction in many details for the first time. The exhaust system is certainly worth an entry in the Guinnes Book of Records, because with an overall length of 9.12m there should be no other racing machine. Worth mentioning in our brief overview is certainly that the petrol tank with Zenith valve is located under the engine. The special 18-inch aluminium rims are also custom-made. The rear swing arm and the fuselage weigh only 7 kg. Various parts and even the first test vehicle (prototype) are part of our offer. We would like to emphasise that we have original construction drawings, test and racing records and even petrol receipts from the unique racing use of this special racing machine, der MOC R900/77. We deliver wordwide. Thank you very much for your interest.

Asking price includes a 2nd prototype bike, spare parts and many technical drawings.

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