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1975 Ducati 860 GT Bevel Drive  ~  SOLD   SOLD   SOLD  ~
posted Dec 18 2012, Sold Dec 27 2012
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She is almost perfect. This is what Ducati should have done in 1975 to make an 860 “Sport”

This is what I’ve done (all low 
mileage since mods done). The bike has sat for about 5 years needing upper tower bearings and new wrist pins. I recently put her back together. I put new upper tower bearings, wrist pins and new rings (bore & pistons are perfect) but I lightly honed cylinders). I Checked the crank, it is within the closest stock spec. If you were rebuilding this crank it is what you would set it to. 

I broke my back in a non motorcycle accident and it took a while to recover, but I will never be able to ride this bike again.

1) Hydraulic clutch w/ Surflex clutch, 
2) Dual front disc., matching Brembo brake & clutch actuators. 
3) Polished Akront alum rims & SS spokes. 
New Pirellis
5) Kokosan conversion kit (using Monster ign coils and ign. Parts)
6) Cylinders Bored to 87mm w/Wiseco 9.5:1 forged pistons 
7) Carbs bored to 36.5mm. 
8) Larger charging system with modern regulator. 
9) All handlebar switches are Yamaha 350 and are new. 
10) Completely rewired system with modern fuse box. 
11) Syd’s rear sets and Syds’ bum seat. Aero tank
12) Converted to RH shift, LH brake
13) stock Smiths gauges in “Sport” mounts
14) Works Performance suspension, front & rear.
15) New Conti's

16) Frame has quality paint
17) Tank, Fenders have quality paint

 It currently has a small set of Norton handlebars but it also comes with a set of Syd’s Clip ons. Paint is good condition with a few minor chips in the rear fender and the seat.

The engine has only been started and carbs adjusted. Then head re-torqued and oil changed.
I also pulled the pump to make sure it was in good working condition, and it is perfect.

Check out the hydraulic clutch, which is hidden inside the cover with line neatly running down by the frame. This is a two finger clutch pull. Everything on this bike is sorted. It could use some re-polish on the Aluminum and a few bolts need new cad but I have invested quite a bit of money into her and made sure I only put the best available parts. We won't even talk about the labor. Look how the mounts for the set backs are blended into the frame. Other things you can't see like the case saver. This is a runner, that you would enjoy riding. 

Located in Arizona USA
Contact:  Tom Pillsbury, Tele ~ 928-716-5288  or eMail ~ [email protected]

Asking $12,000 USD   SOLD   SOLD   SOLD

Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $603

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