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SOLD        Ducati Superbike For Sale           SOLD
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For Sale   $11,499 obo

It is with a heavy heart that I sell my "one-off" street bike, however, in this economy, I must let something go so that I may complete my other projects. Yet, this bike is a "show-stopper". I would like to think that my paint scheme is perhaps the way that the factory should have painted the original 851 in the late 1980's.

My bike has a silver Corse frame from Fast by Ferracci. In reading about the Ferracci AMA race program, Eraldo, preferred the geometry of the early 851 frames. I have never measured the frames and compared the differences, but suffice it to say that this frame and rear subframe is from the Fast by Ferracci race program. There was no frame number on this bike, however, we were able to get factory number and letter stamps to place a valid VIN number from a wrecked 1992 851. Therefore, this bike has a valid Arizona tile and registration. Another item that is Corse is the fully adjustable rear Suspension linkage. These items are now unobtanium and allowed us to use a 2001 996 engine for the powerplant. The bike also has an aluminum Corse fuel tank that bolts down into the frame. The other cool item is an original AMA Championship decal for Ducati's win of the 1994 AMA Superbike season. Also worthy of note is a purpose built 50 mm, 2:1 F1 Exhaust system made specifically for the 851 SP bikes. The exhaust note is glorious and the 2:1 system really seems to help the "punch" of the mid-range. Other upgrades to this custom bike are:

  • Adjustable Ohlins Rear Shock with Remote Reservoir

  • Silver 17" Marchesini 5 Spoke Wheels from and rear + almost new Dunlop Sportmax 208 GP tires

  • Modern Showa Gold Nitride Forks

  • Brembo 4 pad/4 pot calipers

  • Custom Made Corbin Seat (I had to send the entire seat base to Corbin because they no longer had the mold for the 851)

  • CF Corse Expansion Tank and Under-Seat Tray

  • CF Corse Oil Cooler Surround

  • CF Engine Belt Covers

  • CF Corse (small) Battery Base

  • CF Dash Surrounds

  • CF Rear Fender

  • Billet Footpegs, Sprocket Cover, Fuel Cap & Clutch Cover

Under-slung Rear Brembo Bracket (In the professionally prepared photos, the rear caliper is missing. However, rest assured that a rear caliper is fully operational and on the bike.

Please know that this is not an original 851 Tricolore. This bike is not a 888 with a different paint job. This is a "one-off" where I feel that I was able to capture the "soul" of the original Ducati Superbike but with upgraded suspension, wheels and engine as well as paint design that more truly communicates the concept of the use of the Italian flag in the Tricolore. This bike is a blast to ride and a major crowd pleaser. Tom Hull and his race shop that I use in Phoenix has done all of the work and the set-up of the suspension. No one can set up a bike to perform like a professional racer. Also, Tom liked the bike so much, a professional photographer friend of his took the pictures of the bike and now Tom uses the picture of this bike on his business card and has a poster of it on his wall. For any technical information on my bike, you can call Tom at his shop in Phoenix, 480-641-3871.

Please know that this bike needs a good home from someone who can appreciate the more upright ride and Corse elements. It is not perfect as I do ride it and stone chips are a part of owning a bike out here in the desert. Also know that I do not have to sell it and as such, I am happy to entertain only legitimate inquiries. I get good rates from FedEx Freight and am happy to make shipping easy for you. Further, I can trailer the bike up to 200 miles in diameter from my home in Tucson, AZ. If you wish to contact me my e-mail address is: [email protected] or cell phone is: 520-730-7576.


Shipping is available door to door w/in lower 48 states for ~ $603 through Bevel Heaven

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