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1977 Ducati bevel drive 900 SS
posted 5/14/09 - sold 6/12/09

1977 Ducati 900ss           SOLD           SOLD              SOLD


I am the third owner of this bike since new; I purchased the bike in 2002 in the US and performed a restoration in 2003/2004. The bike was restored to be a rider. The engine was restored by VEE TWO in Australia. The bottom, and top ends were done, a new Silent Hectik ignition installed, new gearbox, and oil pump (I can provide a full spreadsheet of engine work). The bikes fiberglass was restored or replaced, and the bike repainted, Fairing is original fiberglass (cutouts for indicators filled in 30 years ago), fenders are original fiberglass, one side cover is original, one is new, the screen is original. Since the engine rebuild I have put approx 3000 miles on the engine. 


This bike was restored to ride, not to be displayed, so there are some non-original, or year incorrect parts.


  • The bike is painted, not original stickers and clear.

  • The chrome parts have been re-chromed.

  • The lowers on the forks are polished

  • The rear suspension are new koni (longer spare set included, donít have originals)

  • The front brake lines are braided and not original I donít have the originals.

  • Have all the engine parts that were replaced during the rebuild.

  • Original ignition system is included and worked ok before removal.

  • Carbs are new, but original ones with metal caps included.

  • No indicators (blinkers) on bike, original ones included but in poor shape.

  • No brake switch on front brakes, only rear brake activates brake light.

  • Crack in rear fender.

  • Have the original ownerís manual, toolkit, and the lead seal from the cases.

The tank is an original fiberglass tank for racing that the first owner had painted (do not have the steel one), I had replaced it, but the new tank was poorly made and began to deteriorate due to ethanol. I had planned on keeping the original tank as I have been using it to get rider signatures, but is now back on the bike so you can decide what to do with the signatures (Neil Hodgson, Troy Corser, world GP champion, Franco Uncini).  When the replacement tank failed it leaked fuel on the frame which has caused paint to lift of the frame. I have a can of the silver used, and the paint codes.


It needs a new chain, so it will probably need a new front sprocket, and rear, some are included in parts but it will depend on the chain.


I have a box of spare parts, some of the parts are difficult to obtain (clutch cover), some are original, some are OEM, some are reproductions, and some are off other bikes. The failed fiberglass tank is included, not sure if it can be repaired.


This is a 32 year old motorcycle located in Columbus Ohio, it is sold AS-IS / WHERE-ISI am asking $US19000 for everything.    SOLD


I will accept payment as certified bank check from a US bank and funds have to be in my account and fully cleared before you can take delivery of the bike. I will provide you with a conditional bill of sale until funds clear. None of this is negotiable.


Contact me at 01.614.302.8102 or email at [email protected]


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $603

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