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1976 Ducati 900 SS  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 12/09/2016
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1976 Ducati 900SS For Sale
* 4 km bike *

086955DM860      DM860*086569*

This is an Australian delivered bike which has had 3 owners. The first owner kept it in a climate controlled room until selling it in Feb 2013 as did the next two.

This bike shows 4 km on the speed-o which represent test km put on it by the factory before dispatch. The engine has never been started since that day. The engine is full of oil without the hint of a leak and kicks over perfectly.

This bike is in absolute original condition and has never been touched in any way. For a 40 year old motorcycle I would say it is in almost perfect condition with the deterioration of the hand grips being the only area showing itís age as can be seen in the photos. The Michelin tyres are original and in perfect condition with no sign of cracking.

This motorcycle is one of 5 purchased by the original owner, all in the same condition and never started. The photos show the original cardboard tags which which were tied to the frame with string by the factory. When the 5 bikes were sold in 2013 they were all wrapped in the original brown paper. The original hand written sales invoice from Ron Angel Motorcycles is also supplied.

This is a very rare opportunity to own a classic motorcycle with such originality. Located in Australia

Asking: US $71000

No Longer For Sale


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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