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1973 Ducati 750 Sport  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 1/09/2014 sold 1/24/2014
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1973 750 Sport For Sale


This '73 750 Sport has 4,966 miles on it's OD, has engine #753725 and frame #753853.  746 of these babyies were produced in 1973.  Purchased from it's 2nd owner 10 years ago.  Is a good runner, gave her a brief ride on the day I took delivery of it and none since.  It's bodywork has been excellently repainted.  Its engine cases would appreciate a repaint too.  Was intending to do so just after purchase.  Like many great plans, they are still plans, so am now considering offering someone else the rewarding opportunity. 

Ok, now for the mechanics - sourced out and will supply the original parts needed to replace the following incorrect ones - Front brake rotor, Scarab Caliper and Master,  Black anodized headlight mounts,  Hand grips & leavers, Verlicchi clip on end caps,  Green w/stripes spark plug wires, re-chromed headers, and correct rear shocks. 

The only major issues with it is that every now and then a drop of oil escapes from its engines main gasket and it's missing the engines 'wire seal'.  Was told that something tore it off.  I can relate, since that happened to another Sport of mine 10 years ago, when unloading it from a van.

Has a glass tank, so ethanol fuels may not be compatible with it.  Do have a metal 1974 Sport tank that I may be interested in selling with it. Has just been flawlessly repainted.

This Sport is a beautiful machine and it deserves to be ridden and shown off.  I'm  looking for the person who will honor that role.  Deserving what it likes best.... to sing and dance.

This Duc is located just west of Boston, MA  USA

Am asking $46,500 for it.  Looking forward to the discussions and offers.  Will consider all offers, no matter how high or how low.

Best wishes to all bidders :-)

Thanks, Rich

Please email [email protected]


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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