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Ducati 750 Sport  ~  Sold  ~
posted 3/2/2020 - sold 7/5/2020
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1974 Ducati 750 Sport

I've decided to sell one of my 750 Sports...

She was sold new in Austria in 1974 and is still on Austrian registration papers. Although I live in Italy, I bought her in neighboring Austria about 5 years ago. The previous owner, the proprietor of a Triumph motorcycle dealership had begun restoring her but had only got as far as having the engine completely rebuilt to better then new condition by a very well respected Austrian Ducati specialist.

This left all the cycle parts for me to restore. I am a 60 year old retired mechanical engineer, of English origin. I started my career working in a Ducati/Moto Guzzi dealership in Oxford, England back in the early 70's, where I spent ten years working learning the trade. My first couple of years were spent mostly uncrating new 750 Sports and GTs and preparing them for delivery to customers. Gradually I moved into rebuilding their engines, service and crash repair work after having been sent to the Ducati factory several times to partake in various courses. So you could say I really cut my teeth on these bikes back in their heyday. After ten years I left and took a position as a prototype engineers at the Mercedes Benz engine plant at Marienfelde, West Berlin. In all the years since then, I have never not owned several L-twin Ducatis, so you could safely say I know my way around the 750 Sport pretty well.....

Sooo...after I bought this bike I stripped the engine down just so I could see for my own peace of mind that the Austrian engine builder had down a good job and I discovered he had. In fact I couldn't fault it. Crankshaft end float, bevel gear train, heads and valve gear, all shimmed to perfection. New big end, pistons, valves, everything. So I put the engine back together and got on with the cycle parts.

As you will see from the photos every single aspect has been restored to the very highest standard. The only areas I have departed from factory spec are the brakes (Lockheed instead of Scarab) and the wiring. Both of those items as they came from the factory were, frankly, pretty crappy so in the interest of safety and real-world reliability, I've fitted a Lockheed caliper (period correct though) and simplified the absurd Ducati wiring loom design using hi-spec modern cable with every terminal crimped and soldered. All the components are now run through micro relays so the Ducati switchgear only handles earthing out the relay coils which are thus under almost no load. Every aspect of the bike functions perfectly and will do so for a long time. This bike is ready to be ridden and ridden as hard as you like or you can simply put her in your living room as a fast appreciating work of art.

The fuel tank is steel not fiberglass so no worries about using modern fuel containing ethanol.

The experts amongst you will spot the correct woven wire mesh on the bell mouths and the rare forward offset clip-ons that were unique to the '74 Sport, necessitated by the (correct) 860GT blocky switchgear, and the priceless Aprilia JOD Duplo headlight unit. Tyres, battery etc all brand new.

I think that a picture tells a thousand words, as they say, so rather than waffle on here too much I will just point you to this photo gallery where you can study a great deal of hi-res pics. If there's anything you'd like more detail off, just ask and I'll take more photos. 

I sold another Sport through this Bevel Heaven portal a few years back so I imagine Steve might be prepared to confirm I am not some random scammer and probably the buyer, who was from the United States, would confirm the same.

So, in short, this is a museum quality 1974 750 Sport that is ready to give maximum riding pleasure too.

I will crate up and ship to anywhere in the world at buyer's expense.


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