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1975 Ducati 750GT  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 5/28/2015
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1975 Ducati 750GT  For Sale

I would like to offer my 1975 Ducati 750 for sale.  This is my first motorcycle, when I took it for its first test drive, I almost dumped it, because I barely knew how to ride a motorcycle at the time. I bought the motor cycle at Portland Cycles, in Maine. They sold Ducati- Yamaha-Laverda-Norton, today it is a Harley-Davidson dealership. I bought it in June 1975. Its hard to believe that I was 25 years old when I bought the bike and now I am 65. I also remember almost  crashing it on the way home from the dealership. It was a very near miss, but in the 40 years that followed, The bike has never been down, in an accident or damaged in any way.

When I started the project, the motorcycle had about 35000 miles on it, most of the mileage was accumulated in the 70.s and the 80's. My wife and I had many enjoyable trips to the  White Mountains of N.H. on the GT.

At the time the restoration began, I was just going to do some cosmetic work on it. The paint was starting to fade a bit, the dash was cracking and the chrome on the rims were bad, but after thinking awhile I decided to make it a special GT .

My friend that did the work for me, he owned a small  Ducati-Moto Guzzi dealership , he also raced cars as well as bikes. He did meticulous work, taking his time to do things right. He When the project was almost finished, he was killed, when his race car went off the track and crashed, in Fla. in Nov. 2007.  (gone but not forgotten)  When I took my bike home after his death, there were still a couple things left to be finished. In the 40 years that I have owned the motorcycle I have tried to take the best possible care of the motorcycle. I've never gone more than 400 miles between oil changes, and more often since the rebuild.

Selling my GT is not easy, but I don't ride it as often as I once did. I took an early retirement a few years ago, due to an eye injury. I only have vision in one eye now, so riding is not as easy as it once was. I hope whomever buys it, appreciates and enjoys it as much as I have and maybe will keep it for 40 years. My friend did all the work,  except for the machine work, engine, paint and seat.

The engine was rebuilt by Bruce Meyers of BCM Motorsports, Laconia N.H.

List of things done to this bike:

  • valves

  • higher comp. pistons

  • Carillo rods

  • bearings

  • 36 mm Dellortos

  • custom alu. engine breather tube (I have the original)

  • custom gold anodized bevel tubes

  • gear gazer (I have the original cover)

  • valve covers (I have old ones)

  • dyna s electronic ignition

  • dyna coils & wires

  • clutch

  • Metmachex Engineering braced aluminum swing arm with eccentric adjustment for the chain (custom made in England)

  • Ohlin shocks

  • Ohlin steering damper (15 settings)

  • powder coated frame

  • Marzocchi 41.7 mm fork with adjustable rebound damping by way of a four position knob at the base of the right fork leg. There is no adjustment for compression damping. The left fork leg controls compression damping and the right fork leg controls rebound damping. This is the beauty of these forks, different oil viscosities can be used in the individual legs, only oil levels and spring need to be the same. The ducati 851 Strada of the late 80's used this same fork.

  • custom made billet aluminum top triple clamp

  • Telefix clip-on handle bars

  • Veglia gauges, mounted in a replica GT dash with 2 indicator lights. One light is the ignition "on" light and the other light indicates when the directionals are flashing.

  • The front fender is from a mid 70's Motoguzzi 850 t, previously chrome plated.

  • The front fender stays are custom made and powder coated light grey to match the lower fork legs.

  • Handlebar switch gear is from a 1995 Ducati monster.

  • Headlight unit is from a Ducati Darmah, the shell has been powder coated with a new chrome trim ring. (that ring cost me $151.37)

  • Akront aluminum rims; 18"-  3.00-40s-791 & 18" -2.15-40s-791

  • Stainless steel spokes

  • tires are Metzeler     140/70vb  ME1       110/70vb  ME  33 Laser

  • brakes are Brembo Goldline 4 piston calipers with full-floating rotors and ss brake lines

  • wiring is new with new fuse box for modern blade style fuse.

  • Typanium voltage regulator,  Even with the new Darmah headlight unit I have never had a problem keeping the battery charged.

  • Rear fender is a 750 Sport replica (fiberglass). Since the  Sport fender might tend to flex and not be as rigid as a metal fender would, it was reinforced.  A short section of a metal fender was fitted to the inside of the Sport fender then fiber glassed.  It is in effect, now a double fender. He did a beautiful job. If you were not told it was a double fender, you probably wouldn't know. The fender now is rock solid  and gives a good solid mount for the tail light assembly, inside of the Sport fender  was also painted when finished.

  • The tail light assembly has never been repainted, but it still shines.

  • Paint is a Glasurit 54-Line product, the color is 'Claret Red Mica' with clear coats and hand painted (off-white) pin-striping. The rear fender has also been pinstriped but they can only be seen when the seat is removed.  Its a quality paint job.

  • the kick stand is from an early 70's motoguzzi police bike. (powder coated light grey).  I couldn't use the original center stand because it interfered with the new swing arm. It is 18" long, but tucks in neatly when its up.

  • seat pan was stripped and repainted, new foam pad, done in leather with the Ducati logo. I use a little mink oil on it occasionally to keep it looking nice.

  • silencers are Bub Conti replicas, the new header pipes were coated on the inside with a ceramic type material to limit the discoloration of the chrome.

  • Westco sealed battery

  • magnetic dip stick

  • rear sets brackets are from a 1984 Motorguzzi 850 lemans.

  • rear sets were custom made by Syd's Cycle.  I had them nickel plated

  • 750 SS kick start lever

  • extended clutch actuator arm for easier clutch lever pull

  • Regina gold non o ring chain

  • 38 t aluminum sprocket

  • horn

  • s.s. engine fasteners

  • metal tank badges (I have the original plastic ones)

  • the two small screws that hold the ignition cover are titanium

  • gas cap

  • tail light lens

  • rear brake shoes

  • all cables

  • quarter sport fairing that I had originally intended to use (unpainted)

  • see through plastic carb. float bowls

  • scissor jack for servicing

  • old GT seat

I have very few of the original parts. After my friend died I went to his shop to get my bike. I went through his shop with his widow, but he had such a massive amount of parts that I could on find the fenders and a few things.

Things to be fixed:

  • the wiring between the fuse box and the front brake switch was never installed (just the wires are needed)

  • the steering stop needs to be fixed. Because of the new fork, the steering stops are not compatible.  I had some small extension caps made to fit over the old stops, so as to increase their length, but they are not long enough. longer ones are needed. it should not cost too much to have some made. Presently the fork is not allowed to touch the gas tank, because the limit- stops on the steering damper will not allow the forks to turn enough in either direction to allow it to come in contact with the tank.

  • The directional signals don't match. The rear are generic Japanese and the front are from a Motoguzzi.

  • The sidewalls of the tires are cracking a bit and probably should be replaced

  • there is no fuel line connecting the fuel taps, so there is no way to access the reserve feature of the gas tank.

This is such a fine motorcycle, it has  about everything anyone would want, wonderful suspension, fantastic brakes, beautiful paint, and that one of a kind bevel drive engine.  The bike usually starts by the second kick. I only have to flip up the choke lever on the front carb. to start it. The transmission shifts smoothly and precisely, and is a joy to ride. Its a truly beautiful machine'

These round case bevel drive Ducatis are getting more  and more scarce. Here is an opportunity to become the second owner to a very special one.  This is a nice one.

mileage 1629 (since engine rebuild)

I have the original owners manual, Haynes repair book, parts catalog and the bike now has a clear title & registration from Maine USA.

Asking $27,500  obo        I will accept payment in the form of a cashiers check

The photo taken with the blue car is from 1979.  

The motorcycle is located near Kennebunkport,  Maine


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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