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Ducati 350SC  - For Sale -
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The SC, like the earlier Ducati F3 was a hand-built racing machine that shared very little with the production bikes. All engine castings are sand-cast rather than the road going die-cast units.  The engine featured special port angles, large valves,  a close ratio five-speed gearbox which is unique to the SC, with wider gears and longer shafts, and straight-cut bevel gears throughout.

The carburetion was by Dell'Orto, an SS1 30 on the 250 and an SS1 32B on the 350. Apart from the double cradle frame with wider engine mounts that was specific to the SC, there were also special alloy Marzocchi forks with stepped folk tubes. The wheels were 19 inch front and rear and for 1965 the brakes were lightweight Magnesium units from Oldani.

One of the rarest Ducati's ever, this 350SC is believed to be one of only six series 2 350 SC motorcycles the factory ever built; originally built for the Barcelona endurance races. This particular bike has covered no miles since it was rebuilt some years ago by a respected Ducati expert using new factory parts.  There is a spares and tool kit with the bike which includes a new factory special double web race rod and big end set, good second hand piston, special factory tools, information pack, and other parts. Other details include original factory supplied alloy tank and fairing, Veglia competition rev counter, checked and x-ray'd original Oldani magnesium brakes, 32mm SS1 Del Orto carb and original rims rebuilt with stainless spokes.

This Ducati was brought into the United Kingdom after many years of being in South Africa where Ducati had sent it along with Franco Farne  to promote the brand in the 1960's. Moto Marianna have checked the engine over thoroughly and can confirm it is in as new condition.

Only around twenty 250SCs and six 350SC were built during 1965. The 250 and 350SC were extremely purposeful machines but did not realize their full potential. Although not well documented, today they stand out as some of the most desirable Ducati's of the 1960s.

In period these engines were unbreakable, a fact proven by London Importer, Vic Camp, holding one at maximum revs for a long period of time to check its strength! They had very sophisticated test methods in the 60's! Suffice to say, it did not destruct.

This motorcycle was designed for endurance races, rather than for short circuit races but it would be accepted for a place in both Goodwood events as well as the CRMC and IHRO series of classic motorcycle races and events across Europe and America.

I have more pictures available, happy to mail.

Happy to arrange shipment at cost if required - bike located in the UK.

Contact Info:
[email protected]
Mobile +44 (0)78088 53244
Landline +44 (0)118 9477429

Price  23,000.00  UK Sterling  -  (approx $37000 USD)

Selling in a vain effort to thin out my collection.

Make no mistake, this is a very rare opportunity to acquire a genuine 1960s race Ducati.

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