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Ducati MHR 900 
posted 11/18/2019
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1979 Ducati MHR 900 For Sale  No Longer For Sale

This machine, thanks to its provenance, condition, originality & maintenance history has been chosen by Ian Falloon to document in his next Ducati Bevel book as an exemplar of the Ducati FIRST EDITION MHR motorcycle. This is THE Mike Hailwood Replica to own.

GOOD, BETTER or BEST? For the collector looking for a guaranteed investment, only the BEST will do.

The FIRST EDITION MHR is an example of BEST. It has an enviable trifecta of qualities that places it in the BEST category for appreciating values, and compared to the legendary Green Frame (US$137,000) is incredibly under valued.
There are 3 qualities that make any collectible appreciate in value. This machine has all three.

1. Simultaneously Rare & Popular. The driver for being popular is to be desirable as proven by unprecedented sales, yet unavailable. An example of being both rare & popular is the First Edition (Rare because a limited number were printed) Harry Potter book set that sells for $6,500, else pickup a 2nd, 3rd,... edition set for $65 of which millions were printed. It is the popularity of later editions - ubiquity that makes First Edition Harry Potter books valuable. A motorcycle example is the rare First Edition 1969 Honda CB750K0 "Sandcast" which is the originator of the iconic and ubiquitous CB. A "Sandcast" sold for US$263,725 at auction, else pick up a 2nd thru 8th edition for < $1,500. With over 400,000 follow up CB750s being made, it is this ubiquity that makes the Rare Sandcast an excellent acquisition. The First Edition 1979 Mike Hailwood Replica, like the 'Sandcast was to Honda, heralded the beginning of Ducati's most popular Bevel model. 6,000 follow up bikes from 1980 to 1985 are testimony to the cachet & street cred of the original.

2. Originator of a Motorcycling category - Race Replica. Before the MHR was produced, manufacturers didn't paint their motorcycles in the colours of race sponsors. The MHR launched a new motorcycle category called "factory race replica" motorcycles.

3. Unmatched Sporting credibility and association to GOAT - Mike Hailwood. Uniquely the MHR commemorates the most extraordinary sporting "comeback" of the 20th century. After 7 years of retirement for any sportsman to win at the most grueling venue in their field is unheard of. Mike Hailwood won the toughest motorcycle race on the planet. This machine, one of the original 200 First Edition bikes made in 1979 offers the astute collector all three of the collecting criteria described. Not only that, but this machine is rarer still.

In addition to the above,  this machine also has a special trio of features that makes it the best among the best as not all First Editions were created equally.

This MHR has:
- Exact same configuration as the prototype Milan show bike.
- Campagnolo wheels as Mike raced with. Not Speedline,
- Low knee cut prototype steel petrol tank, same as Milan Show Bike. Not faux fibreglass tank.
- Prototype single seat assembly.- One piece full fairing.

This fine example is for sale for US $59,500
International Shipping available, message me for more details.  


The tips on collecting stated above are universal for any collectable. More tips below from Diane Brandon a Rolls-Royce expert, and judge at Pebble Beach. She served on the board of the RROC and represented the Bentley Driver’s Club in the U.S.

Research the vehicle you’re interested in, buy the books, join the single marque club and go to shows to find something that makes your heart sing

Avoid cars which are not original, don't have stories or no documentation. Don’t buy a car with so much damage you’ll be underwater when you’re finished, or a car that’s so over-restored you’ll have to start over to make it right. 

Don’t buy a vehicle whose basic equipment doesn’t work properly. Avoid “quickie” paint jobs (too shiny, overspray, orange peel), or with an incorrect interior.

4.  Do you want to drive your car or show it? If you want to drive it, find the best original example you can, with thorough provenance. Repair it mechanically, but let its appearance show evidence of the passage of time, without appearing neglected.

5.  If you plan to show your car, choose your restorer by reputation and referral. Choose appropriate paint colors (preferably original), and correct interior materials. Repair when possible, replace only what must be replaced. Gather appropriate documents; avoid non-original accessories. Drive it so you’re familiar with it.


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