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1975 Ducati 750 Sport  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 1/08/2015 - sold 3/30/2015
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1975 750 Sport    -  SOLD  -

Good day,

It is here all about a running Ducati 750 Sport 1975

Summary and Location:

  • No need to present the Sport model, only acknowledged fans here.

  • The bike is in France, 1h away from Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, in a town called Metz.

  • As a non-English native speaker, I apologize for English misspelling and errors.

  • But I can write emails and have phone calls without any translation problem.

  • The Ducati has its original and matching French papers, and its engine runs.

  • Please make a price proposal.


My father bought in 1988 as is; he rode it quite a little along the years, something like 200 kms. I rode it something like 50 kms maximum, 5 years ago. He did not work on it, just oil and plugs changes. I always have seen the bike in the garage, so no intermediate owner or lack of history since 88. No history before 1988; I was 8 by the time and I have no maintenance bills or leaflet.

Technical details:

  • Frame 756715

  • Engine 757006

  • It is a real S, as the ID numbers show it. Not a GT conversion or some funny bitza.

  • The year of importation in France is 1975, which is also the year of first registration.

  • Fork is a 38 mm Marzocchi. Originally mounted in these last batches of Sport, or changed since the production of the bike, this is open for debate.

  • Lockheed callipers and brake line splitter.

  • Borrani rims.

  • Front WM2 1.85 19/40 RM 01 44 03 RECORD Made In Italy

  • Rear WM3 18 RM 01 4626/1 RECORD, Made in Italy

  • Original Conti cans. Some slight vintage imperfections and patina, but no rust.

  • The mileage is not guaranteed, but something around 40 000 kms.

  • Compressions are for both cylinders 155 PSI / 11 bars

  • Engine runs, it does NOT make any crazy dead crankshaft noise or dead bearing or connecting rod noise. Actually it sounds like in a pretty good shape, but a proper cleaning of the centrifugal cleaner would be a good idea. The bevels up and down look like new; the safety washers have never been removed.

  • A magnet is missing on the rotor.

  • The clutch works and does not slip, although it probably has a couple of flying hours behind him.

  • The gearbox does its job perfectly.

  • The steel fuel tank is original. It has a small dent at the top rear, has some rust and is leaky, but is manageable for restoration (welding, resin )

  • Carburettors are PHF 32 CS

For sure non original:

Seat, coming from a 450 Desmo; headlamp (Auteroche), Front brake pump; rear and front mudguards, instruments holder, Speedo (Smiths, from another Ducati), kick starter, rear shock absorbers. The frame has been chromed; to removal of the chrome and nickel has been quoted to me to 140 EUR VAT excluded.


Feel free to email or call me for any question, further pictures and videos. Yes, I speak English although being French, known for being terrible foreign languages speakers. Best Regards.


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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