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Ducati 750GT  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 1/03/2019 ~ sold 1/25/2019
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1974 Ducati 750 GT  SOLD  SOLD

VIN/Frame # 75402X, Engine # 75401X, Mileage: 62277km

Purchased 2008 from seller who brought from South Africa.  Was is poor running condition and banged up in transit.  Dr. Desmo in Evanston, IL replaced the ignition system and put engine in running condition.

Beyond repairs to keep it running, no renewal or restoring of the bike was done.  Some electrical issues were solved and other repairs made to keep it street-able including replacement of the front brake caliper and brake lever/reservoir with new from Bevelheaven.  The original parts are included in the sale.

The GT starts easily.  Runs and shifts well.  Last good-weather ride was 60-mile, 2-up.  Electric start works as does kick starter.  Electrics work as well as any Italian electrics of that era.  Good candidate for restoration or for use as daily rider.  It needs an engine oil leak repaired, front dampers rebuilt and the smaller routine maintenance issues bikes of this era require.

Early pictures show the GT with a Pantah fairing, included in the sale as is a collection of miscellaneous parts, manuals and books shown at: https://bit.ly/2qHnu0s.  The Pantah fairing was pretty beat up in transit from SA and one clip-on broken.  Fairing is as purchased.  I re-welded the clip-on but not installed or tested.

The electric starter was repaired and works but could not locate a rubber solenoid cover.  A custom 3-D printing firm might fashion a replacement.

It is titled & licensed in Indiana, USA and insured through Grundy.

Asking Price: $14,500 usd.   SOLD   SOLD 


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven to/from anywhere in the lower 48 states starting @ $703
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