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Ducati 750 Sport  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 3/25/2020
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1974 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale

This ‘roundcase’ 1974 Ducati 750 Sport is one of only 1625 examples ever produced by Ducati across three years of production according to Ducati expert and author Ian Falloon, as published in his book “The Ducati 750 Bible”. Falloon also states that only 856 Sports were built for the 1974 model year of which only 200 of those were delivered to the United States.

The roundcase Ducati 750 Sport model is said to have made 62hp @ 8200 rpm when new. Dry weight is said to be 402 pounds and top speed was estimated to be 124 mph.

This motorcycle’s engine number is 753792, and its frame number is 754007. The engine’s serial number falls within Falloon’s so-called “1974 750 Sport first production stage” wherein, as Falloon’s book explains, the factory had made more black-case engines than motorcycles in 1973 and that the excess 1973 engines were fitted into early 1974 models.

The motorcycle is fitted with stock Dell’Orto PHF32mm carburetors and has a 5-speed gearbox. The wheel rims are Borranis and the mufflers are Contis bearing their signature ‘oval’ logo. The motorcycle is equipped with a period correct fairing.

The motorcycle features black-painted engine cases as mentioned previously and a stock black-painted Marzocchi leading axle front fork. The black-painted chain guard is also stock. Being a USA model the Veglia-Borletti mechanical speedometer reads to 150 MPH and its odometer currently shows 18245 miles (29,363 km).

This 750 has the very desirable steel fuel tank which alleviates concerns related to using modern fuels in fiberglass fuel tanks.

This 750 Sport underwent restoration along with a complete engine rebuild by noted Ducati specialist Rich Lambrechts (currently DesmoPro) over the course of 2006-2007 when he operated Motofinesse in Mansfield Ohio. During its restoration the motorcycle also received an electronic ignition system. I took possession of the motorcycle directly from Lambrechts following its completion.

Less than 1000 miles were added since my acquisition just over 13 years ago, mostly during the course of taking the motorcycle to shows and events and several local rides.

The most recent maintenance performed early this year includes a rebuild of the master cylinder and the brake caliper. At the same time the brake system was purged and changed over to DOT 5 fluid. A new battery was also fitted as were new accelerator pump diaphragms.

This motorcycle has always been stored indoors during my ownership in a room that never falls below 45 degrees F (7 degrees C) during Illinois’ winter months.

This Ducati 750 Sport is being offered with a clear Illinois title in the seller’s name and is currently located in northern Illinois.
Provenance for this 750 Sport is established as far back as 1975 when the State of Michigan issued a title for this Ducati giving it a VIN number matching its engine number (common practice during that era) of 753792. That 1975 Michigan title will accompany the motorcycle with its sale. In addition to the Michigan title is a 1979 dated ‘payoff letter’ for the Michigan title holder’s motorcycle loan. The payoff letter refers to “Chattel Description U DUCATI 750 SPORT” and the payoff letter also reflects the VIN (engine) number of 753792.

Prior to the motorcycle’s current 13-year ownership it was owned by Scot Wilson of Italian Iron Classics, LLC.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I offer the following information:
The headlight is not the original JOD Duplo. Reproductions are available and original JODs frequently come up for sale.

The next owner should fit a new set of tires owing to the age of the presently fitted ones.
There is a small piece of a fin on the vertical cylinder which was missing when I purchased the bike which is not easily noticeable. It looks as though someone let a wrench slip when working on the exhaust header nut. I bought a spare vertical cylinder barrel so as to be the donor for a fin repair should the head ever have to come off for any reason. There are artisans out there that do this kind of repair with almost undetectable results as I have seen air-cooled BWM motorcycle owners have fin repairs done quite often. However, under my ownership there was never any reason to remove the cylinder head. The potential fin donor cylinder barrel will accompany the sale.

Lastly, I noticed a few days ago that the instrument lamp wires are not connected. Evidently, I’ve never ridden the motorcycle at night. The wires are present and are neatly tucked aside, they were just never connected to a 12-volt power wire in the harness.

The motorcycle can be inspected by appointment. The motorcycle is being sold as is and where is with no warranties expressed or implied. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

The motorcycle will not be released to a buyer or a shipper until the payment funds have had sufficient time to clear the banking systems.

Use of a professional moving company is recommended or inquire at Bevel Heaven for shipping services.

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