1972 Paul Smart Ducati 750 SS Authentic-Reproduction
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This motorcycle was build over a 2 year time-frame, from 1995 to 1997 with a no cost spared attitude to recreate the most famous Ducati, the Imola winning Paul Smart Ducati 750 SS factory race-bike.

95% of all parts used on this motorcycle are authentic early 70-ies parts.

It took the 5 years prior to the building collecting all the pieces, to be able to build this bike to such period-correct appearance.

Details are as follows:

1). Bodywork: Molds taken of original factory bodywork from the race-bikes as used in 1972 and fiberglass parts made to exact specifications to recreate this items.

(The tank was changed from the 1972 design to incorporate the 1973 factory design cut-out feature on the top-front, to allow for a smaller turning-radius)

Seat, fenders and fairing are identical to the original factory bikes.

2). Frame: The frame started life in 1972 as a 750 wide-frame Sport/GT production-frame, with a correspondingly low serial-number, taken out of a bike that was build during the same time-period as the original race-bikes were in 1972. All changes as were executed on the original race-bikes were copied on this frame to make it identical to those bikes raced by the factory in 1972.

3). Engine: The engine was build up with period-correct parts, wide-stud-spacing heads, 40mm carbs and desmo valve actuation as well as dual-plug set-up to exactly imitate the original race-bike set-up from 1972. The bike carries 4 period-correct coils in the exact same position under tank on the frame-rails as did the factory bikes in 1972.

4). Brakes: The brakes are period-correct Lockheed calipers and master-cylinders with hand-machined reservoir extensions, just like the original race-bikes carried in 1972.

5). Wheels are laced up with Akront-rims (this the 5% where this reproduction differs from the original race-bikes, which had Borrani rims) of the same size as on the original race-bikes and use correct hubs and spokes.

6). Suspension: Front suspension and rear-suspension are identical to the 1972 race-bikes with Marzocchi leading-axle front forks and Ceriani rear-shocks with white springs.

7). Exhaust: The 1-low, 1-high exhaust set was recreated from scratch to exact specifications as used on the 1972 factory race-bikes. It is made from mild steel without any seams.

8). Throttle: The throttle is the period-correct item as used in 1972 on the factory race-bikes with the stop-screw in the top-part of the 2-piece throttle body. This item was later also used on the entire 750 SS round-case production-run.

9). Bracketry and remaining components: All brackets and additional components were recreated to exactly look like the items used on the original factory-race bikes.


The bike was build for, and owned by a Ducati enthusiast for which I build it in 1995-1997 for the past 8 years. It was hobby-raced for only app. 200 miles and also was ridden on public roads to Ducati events (It has a valid title!!). Total running time/miles since the building of this machine from new has been less than 10 hours or the equivalent of approximately 300(three-hundred!!) miles.

I took the bike back in trade in the early part of this year due to the owners change in interest in bikes.

The bike was invited to be displayed in the Ducati Museo at Laguna Seca on the WSB Superbike weekend from July 9th to the 11th. The photos are from that Museum display as put on by Ducati of North America.

I am now able to offer this bike at a substantially lesser amount than the original build-cost came out to be in 1997, to any discerning collector or enthusiast.

This motorcycle will come with a full service and set-up run and tuning from Karl Engellenner of MMS Machining Specialties in Sacramento CA as well as a dyno-sheet to show its rather incredible condition. The purchase of this motorcycle will also include a full year of limited service support (i.e. race-support/time other than parts) should the potential buyer reside in the immediate area of San Francisco and intent to use the bike for vintage racing of any sort in the immediate vicinity.

This bike is offered for sale at $36.500 (from private party to principal)

I am interested in partial trade-ins, if they fit my collection-criteria.

Feel free to contact me through Moss Beach Racing at 1-650-728-3079 or email at <[email protected]> for any further info.  Please specify this e-mail in the subject-line to the attention of Jo Wimmer.  Or contact Steve Allen <[email protected]> [bevelheaven.com] and he will put you in contact with me.

I will crate and ship this motorcycle world-wide.

Excellent references (upon request) will be provided from some of my other long-term customers without hesitation.

Thanks for your interest.

NOTE FROM STEVE ALLEN - I have seen this bike up close and personal when I was setting up the Museo and throughout the weekend while it was on display - it is absolutely stunning, these pictures don't even come close to showing off how beautiful it is in the metal.  If you have an interest, please have a look, you will NOT be disappointed.  Bella! 

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