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Ducati 750 Sport
posted 9/10/2019
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1974 Ducati 750 Sport

This is one of the final full on, concourse level restorations done while I was still the owner of Austin Vintage Cycles. I intended to keep this one for my personal ride, but my interests have shifted and it is now in need of a new caretaker. Maybe someone will actually ride this bike as it was built with the intentions of racking up miles.

This bike has an interesting back story.

We were contacted by a gentleman out of Tennessee several years ago,  who had owned this bike for many years. He and a friend had raced it heavily under team name of Maximum Effort. The bike has seen the banks of Daytona and many other tracks during its heyday. Needless to say it was worn out, run hard and put up wet to say the least. They had abandoned the original motor during its day ( basically wore it out ? )  and installed a fully built V2 motor from AU. The original motor was complete and in a box when I purchased the bike. It was pretty worn out, but complete and more or less one piece. We decided it would be best to fully rebuild, sort out & install the original motor back into the chassis. The VeeTwo motor has been sold now.

Here is a list of everything done to the bike to get it to its present state. 


  • Replaced all bearings in top and bottom end of motor.

  • New rod set with crank shimmed to factory spec for end play

  • New pistons and rings  ( sport pistons )

  • Cases carefully cleaned and media blasted ( lightly to just clean and restore )

  • Oil return passages in crankcase modified for better oil return to oil pump.

  • All polished aluminum parts polished to perfection

  • Bored cylinders first over

  • Fresh valves and guides

  • Resurfaced rocker arms with new bushings

  • New camshafts from Mega Cycle

  • New gasket set and O rings

  • New clutch

  • All motor bearings properly shimmed to factory spec with special care given to bevel tower gears , cams and rocker arms.

  • Valves carefully set / shimmed to factory spec

  • Carbs cleaned and rebuilt with proper jetting for TX ( 1000 ft above sea level )

  • Dyna ignition and coils.

  • New petcocks on gas tank

  • No expense spared and no shortcuts taken on the motor build.


  • Stripped to bare metal, primed and painted with single stage paint ( shim to factory Spec )

  • New swing arm bushings and shaft

  • New steering stem bearings

  • Wheel sets cleaned , new wheel bearings, stainless spokes, balanced and trued

  • New rim protectors, tubes and tires

  • All new cables

  • All chrome parts re-plated with proper chrome plating done to show spec.  This is good , thick, proper chrome work done by a reputable shop in Houston TX that we use with good results.

  • All rubber parts replaced with new

  • Gauges rebuilt. Faces and dials left original with original miles still showing. New rubber boots.

  • Switch gear replaced with 1973 type switch gear ( not the cheesy plastic stuff from 1974 )

  • Rear shocks are period correct and not original pieces ( built to ride )

  • Rear fender is not OEM and is a re-pop.

  • Front forks rebuilt with proper dimple finish paint on lower legs.

  • Bake master cylinder and caliper rebuilt , with new pads.

  • Front rotor carefully cleaned and inner portion painted.

  • Rear brake hub cleaned with fresh shoes and rubber dampener in hub

  • Modern fuse box replaces the problematic OEM junk fuse box ( once again, built to ride )

  • New wiring harness with proper connections from headlight to tail light

  • All body work carefully cleaned and painted. Rear fender is a re pop and not OEM

  • Seat cover and foam are new and done to a high standard

  • New Conti pipes with proper clamps

  • Euro tail light and plate holder

  • All fasteners , nuts and bolts, cleaned and reused where possible.

  • Proper dimple finish paint on lower fork legs and fork triple clamps. Another hard to duplicate finish that was originally done from the factory.

Tanks and body parts carefully cleaned, primed and repainted with clear coat applied over decals for longevity . We have restored many Sports and came up with a color blend based on matching an original paint Sport tank that was unmolested and un faded from UV. This is always subjective as you can see Sports with a variety of shade discrepancies. We believe we got it right years ago and stuck with this formula for all restoration and repainting of this hard to match color.

This Sport is basically a brand new bike with only test miles . No piece was left untouched on this build.

  • This is as nice a build as any bike that came out of this shop and there have been many.

  • Frame and engine numbers confirm this is from the last batch of 1974 production to come from the factory.

  • Frame number 755810

  • Engine number 753491

  • This bike is located in Texas USA

  • Asking  $49,500.00 USD, sold with Bill of Sale only

No Longer For Sale

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