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1974 Ducati 750 GT  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 5/17/2016 - sold 5/18/2016
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1974 Ducati 750 GT  ~  SOLD  ~

I purchased this bike in 1980 and rode it extensively.  In the late 1980s I put it away for restoration.  I completed a refurbishment in 2012 that has the bike in very good condition.  I refer to it as a refurbishment as restoration implies “correctness”.   The bike could be restored with a minimal amount of effort but this was not my intent.   My intent was to fix the things that were issues with the original, i.e. bad paint, harsh suspension, parts sourcing challenges etc.  The bike is meant to be ridden and easily maintained.  It starts easily with a couple kicks.

The engine number is 753556.  According to Ian Falloon’s Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles this bike was built shortly after the conversion to Del Orto carbs and painted fenders, which began around engine number 753500.  The engine is in the original frame and to my knowledge the bike has never been crashed.

Engine – Professionally rebuilt in 2012.  Included were a new crank and screw adjust rockers to replace the original shim adjust, eliminating shim sourcing challenges.  Exhaust is original except for the mufflers, which are BUB Conti replicas.  K&N air filters and vacuum gage fittings.  Carbs are original Del Ortos and were rebuilt as part of the restoration.  It has a hydraulic clutch replacement, but all of the parts from the original cable clutch are included.

Ignition – Lucas Rita, original points ignition is included, but the coils are long gone.

Frame, Forks and Bodywork – The paint is in the spirit of the original 750S prototype as shown on page 237 of Mick Walker’s Ducati Twins Restoration and was completed in 2012.  The suspension is Works Performance, with Billet Trackers on the rear.  As part of the refurbishment new head bearings and swing arm pivot bushings were installed.  The latter caused the swing arm pivot plugs to not fit.  This has been corrected with custom made plugs.

Wheels, Brakes and Tires – Wheels are the original Borranis re-laced with stainless spokes.  Tires are Pirelli and are in great shape.  The front brake is a Brembo replacement to the original.  The original  Scarab caliper and the tubing are included, the original master cylinder is gone.

Electrical System – Completely redone from scratch by me using high quality brass fittings.  If this makes you uncomfortable, I can include a loom that I purchased from Bevel Heaven that is a stock replica.  Blade fuses of 10 and 15 amps.  LED turn signals in faux carbon fiber, self-cancelling turn signal relay, Timpani Regulator and a charge level indicator light on the dash.  Headlight shell is not original but has good chrome and the original shell is included.

Instruments – The original Smiths gages in good working order.  The speedometer cable has not worked at times so the odometer mileage is incorrect. 

Spares and tools – Many spares and original parts are included.  I am including everything needed for routine maintenance including the engine turning tool and degree wheel.  Many original parts beyond what are described above.  I can go through them in detail for serious inquiries.  Haynes manual (well used) and Ducati Twins Restoration book are included, as is Ducati Tuning by Stephen Eke and a CD with The Operators Manual, Parts Manual and Engine Service Manual.

Fine print – Oil misting from the right side of the engine.  Breather cap doesn’t stay seated.  Paint cracking on non-original front fender and there is a scratch on the rear fender.  Dash has a repair to the typical cracking where it mounts to the forks.  Horns aren’t honking despite receiving power.  I can include a set of Fiamm horns if requested.

Asking Price $19,500 OBO, the bike is located in Ohio  THIS BIKE HAS BEEN SOLD

Contact – [email protected]


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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