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Ducati 900 SS  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 3/17/2022  -  sold 11/30/22
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1977 Ducati 900 SS

 ~ 4291 original miles ~


Frame number is 08754X

Engine number is 860 SS 08734X 

DESCRIPTION: Austin Vintage Cycle (AVC of Austin, Texas) completed this full on concourse restoration back in 2018 for the previous owner who had it for a long time and asked to restore it to its former glory and make perfect again. Chris Martin is the owner of AVC and performed all work on this bike. Every part and piece has been preserved and this bike has been restored to factory condition. There were less than 200 of these bikes imported in 1977 which makes them rare pieces. Originally, these bikes were imported with Lafranconi pipes and 32 mm carbs installed and included a race kit when purchased new. This consisted of Conti pipes and 40mm carbs and sometimes a set of cam shafts, depending on the dealer. For this restoration, 40mm carbs and Conti pipes were used as that is the way any rider would have set it up back in the day. This bike is very original and correct in every detail with very low mileage.

RESTORATION DETAILS: Below is a list of what was done to the bike for it's restoration. This 1977 Ducati 900SS is special in that it is as close to original as can be 40 years after it was built. The bike was not in horrible condition when we started and it was mostly complete and original to begin with.

  • AVC started with a total teardown right down to the spokes and took it from there.

  • The motor was given a full teardown to inspect and replace any part that was not in good shape. Many bearings were replaced as well as all the rocker arms resurfaced.

  • The motor was then carefully assembled with great care given to every part to assure all parts were shimmed to proper tolerance. This one starts easily and idles very nice. It runs very strong and shifts well. The cutch action is smooth and engagement is spot on.

  • All of the bare aluminum motor parts were cleaned and media blasted to make it look just as it came from the factory.

  • All polished parts were carefully cleaned and polished. During the assembly process, it is critical that one remains clean as unfinished aluminum will stain easily from greasy hands.

  • The frame was stripped and painted as opposed to Powder coating as this was the way it was done in the 70's.

  • Wheels were rebuilt with the original painted ALPINA spokes which meant they were cleaned, blasted and repainted - every spoke - then carefully laced and trued. Great care was taken during reassembly and truing to not damage the freshly painted spokes.

  • The original wiring harness was retained. Everything cleaned up and any problems/issues sorted.

  • All of the original fasteners on the bike were cleaned and reused.

  • The original body parts were also stripped and repainted with a clear coat applied over the stripes and stickers.

  • Some new cables were made, and the original brake hoses were reused.

  • Brake calipers were anodized as opposed to painted and then rebuilt with new seals, pistons, etc.

  • All chrome parts were sent out and are now perfect and will wear well for decades to come. This one is set sporting her original Conti pipes with a fresh show chrome applied.

  • Gauges, lenses and such were all polished and cleaned up as they were in very shape to begin with.

  • The bike is wearing new pair of Dunlop K81s as this was our tire of choice in 77.

  • Its running the rebuilt 40mm Dellorto carbs and Conti mufflers, as provided in the race kit from the dealer in 1977.

It is perfect and correct in every way. It starts and runs very nice and can be ridden hard if desired. The bike is currently fitted with the 40mm carbs and Conti pipes which would have been the (race kit) back in the day.

It may be hard to realize how many hours it takes to restore one of these bikes to a perfect original condition and a lot of people may guess it takes around 200 hours to restore one of these bikes. But when you take into account the entire process from teardown, to motor build, to chassis work, to paint, machine work, chrome and assembly and account for all the hours that the shop guys spend, the painter spends, the chrome, the machinists, etc. in reality it ends up taking well over 600 man hours to achieve this level of perfection.

The goal for this restoration project was to end up with a "No Excuses motorcycle", in other words, as perfect as is humanly possible.

The first owner was Giovanni Caruso per the original title first titled 1980, Second owner James Hunter, I am the third owner since new. Concourse restoration performed by Austin Vintage Cycle in 2018. I have a 34 page documentation of the restoration process from AVC including photos of original condition and the restoration. Please email and ask for it if you would like some late night reading.....

January 2022 Service completed by Desmoto Sport in San Francisco Included:

  • New Rebuilt Carbs by Bevel Heaven.

  • Valve Adjust and Timing Check.

  • Rebuild Front brake Cylinder and New Voltage Regulator.

Original Tool Kit & LaFranconi mufflers are included.

California titled and registered. Bike is located in San Francisco, CA.

Video - Click HERE for a walk around video of the bike running.


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