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1977 Ducati 900 SS  ~  SOLD  ~
posted 6/4/2014 - sold 6/6/2014
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1977 Ducati 900 SS For Sale  SOLD  SOLD  SOLD

At 65 now I've decided to simplify my life and sell what I'm not riding.  A tough decision as you might imagine, but I haven't ridden it in a year and its time for my un-restored original 77 900 Super Sport to go to a new owner.

I've owned this amazing motorcycle since 1982 (32 yrs.) Some history: My friend was the head Ducati mechanic at our local European shop.  He would also build the Ducati race bikes for the owner who also raced at Daytona.  He was a master mechanic.  He set the bike up the way they all should have been set up from the factory.  He shimmed the bevel shafts so the gears mesh properly for the correct gear lash, cut every other shift dog off 4th gear, did a proper valve adjust and generally checked everything internally.  When completed, he said "Brian, this is a good one" (and he'd seen many pass through his shop).

(For those of you who don't know what the purpose of cutting the 4th gear dogs is; this is a modification that racers did to make sure they never missed a 4th gear shift which could happen occasionally on these Desmo's.  This bike has never been raced but since he had it apart he went ahead and did the mod.)

The other things this bike has that make it even better are:

  • Fitted with the factory race kit = 40 mm Delorto pumpers with ticklers.

  • 13" Koni adjustable shocks (for more ground clearance and quicker steering).  Stock are 12".

  • New top quality dry battery.

  • Bub exhaust.

  • Large K&N filters on velocity stacks (the bike has 'never' been run without these filters.)

Not original: Silver painted fairing.  (The stock 'poor quality' blue color was getting chipped easily so I repainted it in silver.  At the time I hadn't thought about the importance of keeping it totally original, but the blue paint wasn't holding up.)

Smaller front turn signals.

What shows age:

  • The right side panel paint has deteriorated (see photo) and has some fine 'surface' cracks in the gel coat along the front edge.

  • The rear fender shown in the photo has a crack in the gel coat surface on the left side.  The fiberglass fiber part of the fender is 'not' cracked, so it is structurally sound.

  • The paint on the center stand is in need of repainting.

  • The front edge of the lower frame tubes have small rock chips as would be expected on a bike of this age.

This bike has 17,700 adult ridden miles on it.  Has received regular oil/filter changes with Kendal oil (now called Royal Purple).  The paint on the tank, solo and dual seats and one side cover is beautiful and as near perfect as a 37 year old bike can be.  Check the photos closely and you'll see.  The engine parts have no corrosion, are shiny and look beautiful.  It has never had any problems whatsoever.  You can feel how strong and tight the engine is just by turning it over with the kick starter, and when it idles, the firing of each cylinder is strong and crisp.

I've owned two of these SS's.  One was a black and gold version I purchased long after this one and I've ridden other friends SS's.  My experience is that this particular engine stood out from the rest, not only was it much smoother, it had more low down torque and power.  Just idling you could hear the difference in its crisp firing.  I sold the black and gold one shortly after I purchased it.  (I should have kept it too!)

This is an unmolested, well cared for 'original' motorcycle.  It still has the original 'Ballanti/Roberto' windscreen.  It comes with a rare dual seat in beautiful condition 'with key' for its rear compartment, tool pouch, Haines manual, special Ducati exhaust flange wrench and counter sprocket wrench, extra turn signal, two original '900 SS' side cover decals, two original 'DESMO' fairing decals and a set of wire mesh covers for the velocity stacks (which have 'never' been on the bike!)  

This bike is clean, sharp, mechanically sound and runs extremely well.  It will be hard to find a nicer unmolested original like this one. 


Contact:  Brian Stewart  503.631.3291  [email protected]  

Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
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