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NCR Replica  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 5/25/2016
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Ducati NCR Replica
(road registered)

This bike will take you to your favorite road or café and will idle happily at the stoplights downtown. It’s a replica of the early 1980´s NCR Endurance bikes with all the correct parts and a street engine that is lightened and only breathed upon slightly to make it work in everyday traffic. The bike/engine is built by owner. I have been involved with Ducatis since the early eighties, road and race, I was responsible for the classic racing 750 Ducati “the Blue Lunatic”, winner at Daytona, Assen, Scandinavian Classic Championship, European Classic Championship, Race of the Year (English Classic Championship) etc etc. This bike is new and engine is still to be run in. The bike is located in Sweden and can be crated and shipped to buyers location at cost.

For the true enthusiast, Rino Carracchis personal mechanics overall will be included in the purchase together with a (white) drivers armband from the 1980 Bol d´Or race!

Engine specifications

  • Totally rebuilt 1984 engine.

  • Every bearing new, every gear checked and shimmed to correct tolerances.

  • 900ss rods shot peened and new bigend.

  • New 88 mm hi-comp pistons from VeeTwo in re-bored cylinders.

  • NCR-ported heads, new valves 42/38, new guides and seats suitable for today's fuel.

  • 900SS cams timed to specs, rockers resurfaced. Magnesium valve covers.

  • New rubber mounted 40mm DellOrtos on Malossi inlet manifolds.

  • Clutch basket and center lightened by electro erosion.

  • Lightweight VeeTwo sprag starter clutch.

  • Sachse electronics digital ignition with 9 different curves to choose from.

  • Custom one off (and working) starter motor assembly using modern lighter and more efficient motor, lighter than kick and kick shaft!

  • Ceramic coated works replica exhaust system.


  • Weight w/o fuel 170kg.

  • New Pierobon chrome moly racing frame, extra wide swing arm. Pierobon aluminum paddock stand. Menani chromo clip-ons.

  • Tank-seat unit (scocca) NCR 1979 model.

  • Refurbished M1R 38mm front fork with fine polished stanchions in billet yokes (lower 40mm thick upper 20mm) new seals.

  • Original NCR front fender mount.

  • Öhlins rear suspension units custombuilt with shimming and damping specs developed on the Blue Lunatic racer, titanium springs.

  • Öhlins MotoGP steering damper.

  • Front calipers Brembo P09 Gold Line (big piston) twin bleeder, rebuilt, new 19mm front pump.

  • Rear Brembo P08 twin bleeder caliper rebuilt, magnesium carrier.

  • Rear axle kit with chain adjusters from Sports Motorcycles (of Hailwood fame).

  • Front and rear wheel shafts hollowed.

  • New replica brake discs front and rear with cnc centers.

  • Steel braided brake lines.

  • New Campagnolo 18” replica 3,5 and 2,5 wheels by Marvic.

  • 520 chain conversion with AFAM racing sprocket. New Conti Raceattac , racing compound, street legal tires. 130 and 110 wide.

  • All fasteners titanium or aluminum (including the long engine bolts).

  • Custom built electrical system using Motogadget speedo and digital M-unit, keyless ignition lock.

  • Lithium battery.

  • White Veglia revcounter (of course)!

The bike is road registered and street legal in Sweden, therefore automatically the same in all of EU.

Asking $33000 USD

No Longer For Sale


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven anywhere in the lower 48 states for ~ $703
Click HERE for more info & to purchase the service

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