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1982 Ducati Bajohr 1000SS  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 11/14/2021 - sold 2/10/22
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1982 Bajohr 1000SS
 - SOLD -

For sale is this very rare Bajohr Ducati 1000SS in original condition.
Alfred Bajohr was one of the biggest Ducati specialists in Germany in the 70s and 80s.

ATTENTION: I offer the bike on request at this price also in the original 900SS look, that means in detail:

new ALU tank in original SS shape, with original lockable tank cap or on request other tank cap,

optional new ALU Imola tank with tank cap of your choice, Made in UK, super quality, NO Made in India tank!

New Imola hump with seat pad and zipper, original new short sheet metal license plate holder with new round tail light.

Also optional with original side covers from 900SS, built 1982, without vents, on request with original Bajohr lettering 1000SS.
All parts painted and mounted, tank lettering original Bajohr, see the current pictures of the seat with additional Ducati lettering in the old form.

The mileage is 25380km (15770 mails), installed is a special Crankshaft with 76mm stroke, Mahle Slipper Pistons with 90mm diameter (966ccm), Nikasil coated cylinders, Valves 44/38mm, straight geared primary drive 35/61 and 41 Dellorto PHM Carburetors. New Tires are 100/90V 18 and 130/80V 18 Michelin Pilot Active on Akront rims, 2.50X18 front and 3.50X18 rear. A new Sachse ignition helps start the bike easily. Secondary drive is 15/40. Power is 63kw (85 hp), top Speed is 140mph (225 km/h).

In the German Motorcycle magazine MOTORRAD 04/1979 was a great report about such a motorcycle. If you are interested I can send you the complete Test report. The motorcycle was overhauled with many new parts and a lot of attention to detail, Valves adjusted, Carburetors overhauled, new battery, oil, fairing bracket and many small parts.

The bike is located in Germany.

More information about Alfred Bajohr can be found here: http://www.classic-motorrad.de/FJS/Bajohr/index.htm.


With motorcycles prepared by him he started successfully at the 8-hour race on the Nürburgring and on the Isle of Man. At his start in Daytona 1983 he unfortunately retired with a broken rocker arm. On this video you can hear the special sound of the straight-geared primary drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtlIPBj1BxQ

International shipping by ship or plane can be arranged, preferably with insurance, but that is of course a question of cost.

The following special parts were still mounted: Brass cover for clutch adjustment with engraving and original Bajohr clamp fists made of aircraft aluminium for chain tension.

The asking price is 35000,-€.  SOLD  SOLD  SOLD

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