1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 'Limited Edition'
 Bike has been SOLD thank you for looking 
1 of 500 produced - Factory Dry Clutch, 1100 front end/brakes etc

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1986 GSX-R750 'Limited' <Project Bike> for sale

Ex racebike, aborted project due to lack of time, energy, enthusiasm & $$.  I have to accept the fact that I will never find the time to finish up this project bike - so it needs to find a new home.  I have owned it for 3+ years and have collected many parts etc at first, only to always seem to find other more pressing things that needed my attention.  Initially I was going to continue turning it into a fun street bike or vintage racer.

This bike was originally purchased in Canada, raced there and here in the USA by a British racer from 1986 - 87 at which time he purchased a 1988 model and continued his racing career.  Sometime later he began converting it back to a streetbike, collecting some parts etc.  Before moving back to the UK he sold it to a local guy who owned a MC wrecking business where it sat until I picked it up 3 years ago.

This bike is almost complete and should be looked at as such.  There are many new parts which I will list below, and some missing parts which I will list below.  There may be some problems I don't know about but I will list off those I know below as well.  There is a FOX racing shock on the back, the bike stand shown in the photos is NOT included in this deal.

*nose ferring, side ferring & seat are NOS items
*clutch fibre disk pack is new
*manuals, test drive articles, owner manual etc new

*extra set of flatslides
*extra levers, pegs, brackets etc
*extra black boxes - 2
*extra magnesium clutch covers etc & misc parts
*extra ferring parts
*a couple boxes of misc spare parts as shown
*most of the hydraulic clutch assembly from standard 750 included

*drain bolt stripped - new drain pan and bolt included
*brakes & carbs will need overhaul
*incorrect/missing rear wheel spacers
*incorrect cush drive/sprocket carrior
*ferring lowers are missing
*metal clutch disks are missing [still available from Suzuki though]
*mount tab on clutch cover broken off and needs repair

Asking price = highest bidder via eBay.  This bike is to be sold "AS_IS- WHERE_IS" with no warranty expressed or implied.  I heard this bike run when I picked it up, the motor ran strong, revved nicely and sounded great.  The actual mileage on this motor is unknown.  Bike will be sold with a bill of sale showing my address and other contact info, vehicle VIN numbers on frame and motor and will be notarized here in California if need be.  I do not have the pink slip, title or registration as this bike has not been in the DMV computer as far as I know.  This bike and all parts have been in my personal control for the past 3+ years here in California.

Please call 925.586-6420 to make an appointment to come see this bike and all parts associated with the sale of it.  Everything is located in Pleasant Hill, California about 5 mins from where highway 24 and highway 680 converge.

You can come pick up the bike and all the parts which is my preference.  You must pay for all shipping costs.  You can arrange to have your shipper come pick it all up from me.  If you need me to take everything to SFO so you can use www.ForwardAir.com that is fine but you must reserve one of their bike specific shipping crates [$50 additional] and also plan to add $250 to the cost of this bike to cover my time to take there, pack up the parts in boxes etc etc....