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If your interest lies in Dr Taglioni built DUCATI motorcycles built before 1985......  Then you need to be a part of the BEVELHEADS group.  The List Maestro is Gene Rankin and he puts it like this.... [11/4/04]

What's a "Bevelhead" you say?  We are a worldwide internet group of Ducati beveldrive enthusiasts or, folks  that love our Ducati twin cylinder motorcycles that were  built between 1973 and 1985 as well as their little brothers, the single cylinders which were built even earlier.  These bikes are characterized by their bevel gear driven camshafts.

If you are after information regarding your bevel drive DUCATI then you absolutely MUST join this email group..... By the way, we are an official "Ducati Owners Club" as well as being members of the "Ride'm don't Hide'm school of thought.  We help out each other whenever we can to keep our beloved bevel drives on the road, trail or track.

As of the November 2004, we had 544 total members on our list.  Would you like to join up?  Click HERE and follow the easy instructions.

Need more reasons to join up?  

Read what Italianbike Magazine has to say about us by clicking HERE for the article.

We are an official DUCATI Desmo Owners Club.

Here some of us are at Laguna Seca during WSB 2002


Our list Maestro is Gene Rankin and he tells it like this.... [Nov/15/04]

Well, here's the history:

I started BevelHeads as a distribution list, and ran it from my home computer, 56k modem and all, with about 8 guys on it, back in January of 1997. Then Dave Edmondson volunteered to host it out of the UK, and we made it a formal mailing list. He changed jobs, so I took back the admin duties, we shifted it to Micapeak in January, 1999, and have been there ever since.

It has grown to 544 members as of the beginning of mid November, from at least 13 countries, comprising nearly all of western Europe, Scandinavia, Australian and New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, all of North America. There may be other places hidden behind AOL or similar addresses.

Gene Rankin
Bevelheads Maestro

But if your interest lies in more recent Taglioni built DUCATI motorcycles......  Then you need to be a part of the PANTAHEADS group.  The List Wizard is Peter Bonner and he puts it like this.... [6/16/03]

Pantaheads was officially open for business on March 20, 2001.  Pantaheads has been steadily growing as more folks find out about us, with over 150 subscribers so far.

The focus of Pantaheads is on Ducati motorcycles that are not beveldrive Ducati's from Dr Taglioni's era. An alternate name that almost became the list name is OddDucs, as we tolerate the various models such as parallel twins, 2 stroke dirt bikes, and of course anything with the belt driven, 2 valve, air cooled Pantah design engines. Since many folks are on both Pantaheads and Bevelheads, the social commentary is minimized on Pantaheads and the focus is on technical problems and part sources.

Historically Pantaheads started as an outgrowth of Bevelheads, since there were a number of members who also wanted to discuss later Pantah based models or non bevel drive models from the early years. In order to relieve the bevelhead list, the Pantahead list was begun. You can find info for joining at: http://www.micapeak.com/lists/Pantaheads 

Pantaheads has members from Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, and even quite a few from USA among other places.

Members enjoy getting together, as well as communicating via our list.

Peter Bonner
Pantaheads List Wizard

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Steve Allen
Bevel Heaven

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