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World Superbike - Laguna Seca
Updated: 8/6/02

On July 12-14, 2002, the WSB circus arrived in the USA at Laguna Seca.  

Aside from the racing, part of the fun took place on Ducati island as the Bevelheads were out in force.  We set up a Ducati "Museum" with up to 23 bevel drive DUCATI bikes on display at any given time.  Ducati North America provided a huge tent, banners showing off bevel drive bikes and related information, a cutaway motor, a "Monster" gas tank with a Mike Hailwood painted theme and a wealth of other interesting information.  They even had a 2 hour video playing to showcase DUCATI victories in the seventies as well as historical archival footage of the factory in Bologna.  A great time was had by all at the races and on the Island. 

Some of the attendees and participants at the Ducati Museum
Back Row Left - Right:
Mark Etheridge, Craig Echols, Dan Kelo, Brian Norrie, Julia Vitarello (Ducati MH), Paul Neilsen, George Betzhold, Marc Duncan (Club Desmo), Jim Viola (Ducati NA), Tim Keane, Stephan Evancho, Brad Turner, Steve Allen, Megan & Ken Ward.
Front Row Left - Right:
Barry Ferris, Keith Hale, Tom Rolland, Rene Waters, Robert Welsh, Sue Waters
Other Bevelheads present but not pictured above:
Paul Ritter, Willy Gonnason, Tim Keyes, Robert Milder, Rich Lambrechts, Peter Bonner, Darwin Sveinson, Kurt Weir, Tod Rafferty, Tom Meadows, Hans Mellberg, John Goldman, Chris Hampson, Beth Dixon, Dave Wright, Ivan Thelin.

32 Bevelheads.... and 80,000 + of our closest friends around the track.
Did I miss anyone?  Please let me know!

Below you will find some links to misc info and indexes of photos from this event.  If you would like to contribute to this page, please email whatever photos, video, sounds or notes and I will post it here for you.  If you have everything on a CD, let me know and I will forward you my shipping address.  

Steve Allen <[email protected]

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The "Bevel Rev"
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From: Steve Allen
[email protected]

Steve & Ben Bostrom

Hailwood tank 

Ted Henry's 350 "SS"

Event organizer and Bevelhead Steve Allen holding Troy Baylis's 1st place trophy from WSB Race #1 along with DUCATI M.H. CEO Carlo DiBiago

Steve & Troy Baylis

Steve & wife Efthalia

Steve's NCR Special

Jim Viola, Steve & Ben

Steve & Darwin

Bob Milder's Euro SS

From Ken Ward
[email protected]

Inside the museum

Brian's Mille S2

Dan's Sport

Steve's NCR Replica

Ken's 900 GTS

Keith's greenframe

Rene's GTS

George's Sport

John's Silver Shotgun

Ed's 750 GT

Han's SS

Sue's GTS

Tim Keane's 900 SS

Tim Keyes' 900 SS

Keith's greenframe

From George Betzhold
<[email protected]>

outside left

outside middle

outside right

Inside the museum


Steve & Brad

kewl bikes

Steve, Peter, Tom M, Tom R, Sue & Kurt

Outside the museum

[Tom Meadows & Tom Rolland]
And Furthermore....

Sue & Kurt

Steve & Peter

Tim Keane's 900SS

Ted's 350

Ted's 350

Tim Keane's 900SS

Dan's Cucciolo Motor

Ted's 350

Rene explaining...

Sue & Kurt

John's Shotgun

Kurt's Scrambler

Steve Allen

Paul Neilsen

Kurt Weir

Steve Allen

Brad Turner

George installing a chain


Another group shot

Sue & Rich

George & Robert

chain exchange

George's Sport

Jeff & Paul

Beth & Flash

Steve moving stuff again...

Tim Keyes' 900SS

Sue & Rich

Peter eyeing George's Sport

Peter, Sue, Rene, George, Rich

Peter, Sue, Rene, Rich, Robert W.

Bike fest at the hotel

George Betzhold

Tom Rolland

Robert Welsh

Peter Bonner

Lost in a sea of red

Tom Rolland

From Chris Hampson
<[email protected]>

Chris Hampson

Overflow parking..


From Mike
<[email protected]

Steve, Marc, Dale, Ben, Vicki...

Vicki, Steve, Marc, Ben

Our Museum

Steve's NCR

Dan's Cucciolo

The Island

Outside The Museum

Island Fun

Paso display

Concourse finalists

From Willy Gonnason
<[email protected]

John's Silver Shotgun

Chris's Darmah

Keith's Greenframe

Steve Allen

Brad's gt

Brian's S2

Steve's NCR

Paul's Darmah

Tim's 900SS

John's Silver Shotgun

Rene & Steve

Sue's GTS

George's Sport

Tim's 900SS

From Tom Rolland <[email protected]

Tom & Dan's
"Pink Slip Race"

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