Peter Huelsen's 900SS model

yes, this IS a model.........
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Hello Steve,

I hope you remember me: some time ago I sent you scans of an MHR article in a German motorcycle magazin and you're still presenting it on your website. I'm not sure if I told you that my hobby is building of scale motorcycle models. My most recent product is a Tamiya 900 SS, but not simply built right out of the box. I optimized it with a lot of work. So it got for example spoke wheels instead of the cast-wheels, more realistic lines and cables and many many more. I think best reference are my pictures (see attachement) and I hope you like them. I'd be very pleased if you gave your feedback.

Kind regards from Germany
Peter Huelsen [email protected]

Steve Allen schrieb:
> Hello Peter, You have certainly done a wonderful job on this model! May I use it in my website? I have been meaning to update things for a long time, i am just very busy. but, I would like to put your pictures up on my DUCATI MODELS page if that is oK with you. Very nice photography as well. Excellent.

Hello Steve,

it would a great plaesure for me to see my pictures on your website - if you dont't mind, that some of them are also shown on the guest gallery from a friend in Japan. Here they are: