~ The Blue Lunatic ~

Hi Steve,

The Blue Lunatic is a Swedish (Classic Racing) Ducati F750.  It has won:

* Daytona Formula Vintage 2000
* Assen 2000 Trans Atlantic Match Races
* Race of the Year Snetterton 2000
* The Nordic Classic Championship (3 times)

A 750 short stroke (88 X 61.5mmm) engine by VeeTwo Australia that delivers [email protected] (rearwheel)

mvh Björn Inge [[email protected]]

(then he sent some more tasty tidbits.....)

Steve, The Blue Lunatic was built by by me and Bengt Palm in -97. The frame is from Pierobon Racing Frames of Bologna (they still make the works frames). It has always been raced by Hasse Gustafson, the race picture is from Assen -99 and the Trans Atlantic Match Race. Fork yokes were carved from billet by ISR brakes of Sweden (who also make the brake discs, of course). Fork is a modified 38mm Marzocchi, rear suspension by Öhlins. Weight is 157kgs (without gasoline) Engine is by Vee Two of Australia (Brook Henry) crank from a modern 748, Vee Two 88mm pistons, Vee Two heads, cams, gearbox, oil system, dry clutch... Exhausts by URM Racing (Sweden).

That's me warming up the bike with Bengt Palm (blue t-shirt in the background). This bike was built to a set of rules, Classic Racing F750 but is still very fast. Top speed at Daytona 248km/h. It could be made faster of course, but we are limited by the regulations on what carbs, ignition, and exhaust we can use. Still, 82 rear wheel horses ain't bad considering. This winter Brook Henry of Vee Two Australia will have the heads back and find some more power for us, the competition is catching up... I can't praise Vee Two enough, there is no one better. We have yet to be beaten by another beveldrive Duke in competition, regardless of engine size.

The Blue Lunatic racing team will stay the same for 2002.

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