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Another surprise in my photo collection is the only Pantahhead that is build in the spirit of the Bevel Ducati's, so it must be part of your site the F1 racer.

I've seen the bike several times and these are taken at the 24 Hours of Belgium at the famous Francochamps circuit (year?). That race it showed its potential and reliability and finished 3rd (see the living proof). 

Walter Villa was one of the riders of the Factory F1 but it was a experienced French team who started the season on a private Verlichi Pantah but was rewarded for excellent results riding the factory F1. Believe it or not the team was run and driven by the French Motor Police, speeding in France no chance!

I robbed the (above) picture of the F1 of the wall at my brothers place, here it is. This must be Walter Villa on the F1 (circuit?*). It was the year that the 750 CC limit was introduced in Endurance and the RC30 started a long and victorious ride. Walter Villa really pushed the bike to its limits and managed to keep the RC30 in sight for a couple of hours, but its all about speed and reliability and in that pace he only kept the F1 riding for a couple of hours.

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*  Hi there,  could I give you a information?  well,  the race in question is 24h Bol D'or, circuit  Paul Richard in France, may be in 1985, 1986 ( in 1987 i was there and I've seen surely ...this wonder)   You can read the name "Paul Richard " on  the white "guard rail ".

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