~ Tony Guest's 750 SS ~

Photo: Club Desmo Calendar

Hello Steve,

I was going thru your site of race bike photos. The red no. 24 bike actually is Tony Guest's 750 SS racer bored out to 88 or 89 mm. Heads are 42mm intake and 38 mm exhaust. Ports by Jim Woods. Forks are by Fork Italia. Tony and I bought a pair of them from Reno Leoni. The shocks are Ohlins, set up by none other than Bruce Burness, the designer of the twin shock Ohlins. I designed the seat incorporating the number plate. I can't recall who actually made it, but it might have been Fastglas in their early days. I had a duplicate for my own bike. Note the Bratton crankshaft sticker on the rear end of the fairing. Jeff did all of our cranks. We also used Performance Machine brakes and disks on the front. Note also the external oil drain lines as described in my article. Tony's bike was always immaculate and ready for a concourse.

He rode extremely well and competed in many a club race against Earl Roloff and his "Terminator" in So. Cal. as well as doing quite well in the Nationall BOTT races he entered.

best regards,
Kevin Bracken   [email protected] 

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