~ Peter Laibacher & his Pantah racer ~

Dear Ducati Friend,

i write you from Germany and sent you two picture of my Ducati Pantah.  I owned this bike since 1984. I buy it from the German stock sport champion Helmut Knatz (he was first in 1980 and 1981). In the years from 1984 - 1990 i raced with the pantah in many European Ducati Clubraces. The greatest success was my first win in Hockenheim April 1988 in the class Pantahs 750 ccm and in the following year also in Hockenheim April 1989 and then i took the victory in Zeltweg - Austria in July 1989. I raced in France, Belgium, Germany and Austria and finished most in the top 5.

My Brother Jörg have a TT F1 and a 750 F1 and a bimota db 2. You can see the bikes at his homepage       www.ducatilaibacher.com

If you like the bike and take the pictures in your homepage, please let me know

Thank you - best regards  Peter Laibacher  Keltenstr. 39  D 71723 Großbottwar  Germany      [email protected]

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