~ 1973 750 GT ~

In case anybody has been wondering what I've been up to lately, this pretty much covers the last two years. It's a '74 Ducati 750 GT. I took it from a barnacle encrusted "barn job" with a '70's style funnycar paint scheme to the shiny black thing in the last picture. (I had some help.) I hope its obvious which is the "before" and which is the "after"! The bike looks pretty stock but is sort of a sleeper; Veniola pistons, ported heads, titanium valve collars, lightened rocker arms on needle bearings, lightened fly wheel, etc. Missing in the last picture is the front mudguard and the chain. I put both of them on before I rode it the first time. The chain helps...

Brian, thanks for the paint.

Dale, thanks for the magazine awhile back. The only thing keeping that issue from perfectly encapsulating my interest in motorcycles is the absence of some article or another on Tonti-framed Moto Guzzis. Very entertaining.

Steve, thanks for all your assistance. Please post the "after" picture to your websight photo gallery (and the other photos if you so desire).

Ken Hueser & his 750 GT (Mr. 5568) [email protected] 

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