~ NCR racebike ~ SOLD ~

Ducati 900NCR TT1  this bike has been sold

year of construction ~1977

Endurance races (French Val d`Oise team), with quick release system for the rear wheel (see  Ducati-The Official Racing History page 151 and Ducati 50 Golden Years page 129) sand-cast crankcase with the oil filter from the ground, like the Mike Hailwood winning bike from 1978, Daspa frame, twin spark ignition; a engine revision was done, the petrol tank was sealed up with petrol residency epoxy.

Asking price � 40.000 

more information - [email protected]

Found your page with luck, it's good.   Send you some photos from my NCR, if you know other driver of such a bike, perhaps you could give me some e-mails.  many regards, Georg from Austria

[email protected] 

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