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Importantly, I remember that you asked for professional photos --- It will not bother me, even a tiny bit, if you don't put this image on your site. That said some details follow.

(From DucatiLust:  "Hey, I regret saying that - EVERYONE - send in what you have.  I really meant that I would like for you to think about backgrounds etc when you shoot your pictures so that viewers can see the BIKE and not get distracted by too busy of a background")

My name is Keith Falkiner.

This Sport was made in '73 and purchased new in Brisbane in April '74 as a '74 model. Engine number 752905, frame number 753033, Scarab brake, fibre glass tank. I stopped riding it 22 years ago because it was starting to get very noisy and I did not want anything to let go. I have recently had the engine rebuilt after approximately 60,000 km...... the speedo drive kept braking and I stopped fixing it, it reads 14,000 km. I was overcautious as I recon it would have lasted another 20,000 km after having a look inside. The only things that needed replacing were the carby slides, no air filters, although they were not misbehaving. Don't ask why it took so long to have a look inside. Naturally when the engine was cleaned and repainted I could not stop there, even though that was my intention so the frame has been repainted and some recroming was done, headlight, headers and the fork boot clips. Fixed the speedo drive permanently, well it's done 1000 km so far, rebuilt the original shockies which I had kept, replaced most cables and brake lines, put an 18" front wheel on, made sure everything was in good order and gave it a good clean. Also put Dyna ignition and 5 ohm coils on. New rubber as the old stuff cracked around the rim after the first outing around the block woow.

That's about it apart from how good it is to have it back on the road, many :-))

Keith Falkiner
Brisbane, Australia

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